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I'm actually surprised Nineteen was #1, pleasantly so. Cause is probably my favorite T&S song.
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February 15, 2013 on The 10 Best Tegan And Sara Songs
What, no love for Telekinesis and Michael Benjamin Lerner on drums?
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January 4, 2012 on Carrie Brownstein, Fred Armisen, Thao & Mirah Cover “Push It”
The USA show Suits also uses a pretty blatant rip-off of "Intro"
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September 15, 2011 on …And Does This Nokia Commercial Rip Off The xx?
I feel like the Suburbs is probably going to take it. But it would be really awesome for Land of Talk to make the short list. Cloak and Cipher is an awesome record.
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June 16, 2011 on Polaris 2011 Long List Unveiled
I think it's pretty good. I certainly like it more than I was expecting too given my impressions of the songs that appeared prior to the npr stream. I still think Narrow Stairs is better, but it feels like I'm in the minority on that. I just happen to really love Narrow Stairs. I love the darkness of it, the super long intro to I will possess your heart, the artwork from EE Storey, the style of font they used for the liner notes, everything. For the most part, it feels like Ben's lyrics are a little simpler on this album in both diction and structure, which I find a bit of a step back. I also kind of wished that the jaunty piano part was stripped out of the song Codes and Keys (a la The Ice is Getting Thinner), at least for the beginning of the song. It seems to fit better later in the song. But I absolutely love listening to Stay Young, Go Dancing.
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May 26, 2011 on Death Cab Codes And Keys Comment Party
Are we not going to address the cameo by Wes Miles of Ra Ra Riot in that Vampire Weekend clip?
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April 22, 2011 on Indie Rockers Before They Were Famous
it does seem really tacky... when you have your backup singers trying to do a cursory choreographed dance.
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November 20, 2010 on Sufjan Plays Fallon
Her lip-syncing doesn't really match the intensity of the vocals through most of the video.
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September 20, 2010 on Sleigh Bells – “Infinity Guitars” Video
The moment at the end makes it all worth it.
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May 4, 2010 on The New Pornographers – “Your Hands (Together)” Video
i don't like how they changed the melody on the first line of the chorus. their phoenix cover was better.
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April 12, 2010 on The PS22 Chorus Covers Beach House