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Nothing was funnier than them watching "It's So Cold In The D"
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November 21, 2011 on Beavis & Butt-head Mock MGMT Again
I don't know, I saw the Pumpkins live this month and the new stuff from Oceania sounded great. Great as in much better than anything titled "The King Of Limbs" was this year
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November 9, 2011 on Loveless Turns 20
I'm sure it will be breathtaking as usual.
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November 9, 2011 on Sigur Rós Plan 2012 Album Release
DISCLAIMER: I like Springsteen but am in no means some sort of super-fan boy. I call bullshit when it's deserved. However, I thought it was common practice that a certain amount of seats were held back for family/friends/contest winners, etc. It's not like they are putting these seats on secondary sites and making all the profit (which is what Ticketmaster/TicketsNow is doing and, thus, the controversy). We still are unsure whether the artist gets a cut of the TicketsNow sales or not (many sources say the artist does, but it has not been confirmed). However, these seats held back (as reported) were never intended to be sold publicly anyways.
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June 22, 2009 on Springsteen/Ticketmaster Fracas Heats Up
I was just curious as to why people jump up and down when an "indie" band breaks through. How are GB any different from some of the other acts on there? I'm sure they have a manager, tour manager, merch people, roadies, etc. helping them out. Not saying there's anything wrong with that and I would suspect that one would NEED all those people to help further their career. However, make no mistake, there is NOTHING independent about these guys, or Arcade Fire, or Animal Collective, etc.
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June 4, 2009 on Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest Debuts In Billboard Top 10
Hey Amrit, Do you wear earplugs? If so, what kind? I've been going to too many shows (I'm 25) in life and I've started to notice a ringing in my ears. What kind do you recommend?
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April 15, 2009 on Coachella 2009 Set Times Announced
You're forgetting the best part: When Chuck is pulling Blair aside and she was talking to the dude who makes porn sites, Chuck says "big fan of your sites"
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March 25, 2009 on Gossip Girl: Grandfather Can Be Very Persuasive
If NIN is not putting aside any of these tickets, than how are they already up for sale. Does the conversation go like this? LIVE NATION/TM: Hey dudes, do you want to put any of these tickets on the re-seller market from the get-go? NIN: Uh, does that mean that fans won't have access to them through the pre-sale? LIVE NATION/TM: Absolutely! They'll actually appear on StubHub/TM before the on-sale meaning we can start making the $$$ right away!!! NIN: Uh, no, we're going to keep those for our own pre-sale LIVE NATION/TM: Psych! Just kidding, we have access to those tickets anyways (not you) so we're putting them up for auction. Your fans can have the third-tier seats, I guess.
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March 16, 2009 on Trent Reznor Blasts Ticketmaster And The Artists Who Defend It
How does Billie Joe manage to get younger and younger over the years?
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February 9, 2009 on New Green Day Forthcoming This Spring
People make this festival out to be a WAY bigger deal than it actually is. Also, I hope Katy Perry does headline, so everyone who takes it way too seriously has too suffer.
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January 28, 2009 on McCartney, Katy Perry Headlining Coachella Claims Ryan Seacrest
This just shows how narrow of a scope the "music" blogs have.
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January 9, 2009 on 2008’s Last List Is A List Aggregating All The Blog Lists Into One Final List-Of-Lists
You really expect people who read the post to listen to Frightened Rabbits?
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December 9, 2008 on NYPost’s Best Of ’08: Chinese Democracy Worth The Wait
I actually got to visit this place for free for some event (but more importantly, got free booze). I rule!
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November 12, 2008 on Fuck You, Showtime House
What is it with this uncanny obsession everyone has with Pinkerton? Sure, it's a great record but it's not AMAZING. Both Blue and Green stand up pretty well to it song-by-song. Maladroit is probably their most, dare I say, experimental, encompassing the most "arena rock" into their sound. Make Believe was just wierd, I didn't know if he was being ironic or sincere. Dig the first half of the Red Album a lot. I just get annoyed with fans of bands who "just want to hear the old stuff, maaaaaan"
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September 26, 2008 on Weezer @ Madison Square Garden, NYC 9/24/08
@Chadams: "Space Lord" was so dumb but I'd still rather listen to that 95% of the bands posted about on this site (CSS, Animal Collective, Cat Power, etc.)
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June 27, 2008 on New Peter Gabriel – “Down To Earth,” Plans To Cover Vampire Weekend
Wow, someone (radio station) is hoping for some credibility pats on the back. This countdown should have been titled "Top 500 modern rock songs (approved by bloggers/blog commenters) Dead Milkman in front of "Under The Bridge"? Give me a break...
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May 28, 2008 on Woxy’s Modern Rock 500 Has A Lot Of Songs On It, Including One By G. Love And Special Sauce
Why won't they do a Salute Your Shorts themed video? That'd be awesome to have Kevin "Ug" Lee, Budnick and Donkylips in there.
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May 15, 2008 on Chris Martin Teases “Violet Hill” Vid With A New Look, But We Don’t Know Him From Adam
I heard Tapes n' Trades will open one leg and New Pornographers will open another.
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May 9, 2008 on Coldplay Will Viva La Vida In Your Town, Probably
I actually really enjoy Fall Out Boy. On the surface, people will write them off as another run-of-the-mill MySpacecore-Hot Topic pop-punk band. However, they are extremely hooky, their lyrics have more depth than more (again, you need to dig deeper) and I really respect their songwriting abilities. Wierdly, on the flip side, I love bands like The National, Band Of Horses, Sigur Ros and Tokyo Police Club. However, on the topic of STP, they are one of the groups I grew up with. I was so young that I never really knew about "cred", "indie", etc. I just liked what sounded good to my ears. I wish we all could still live by that mentality. I understand how, at the time, STP could sould like a Pearl Jam ripoff. But they really proved themselves by putting out consistent material (Tiny Music) for example and I think they have a lot more longevity than most of the hipster dufus blog bands who no one REALLY cares about (outside of us dorks who like to post on message boards all day). Weiland is a great front man (though he is a total asshole as a person). Looking forward to his solo album (though I think his ambitions are getting the best of him and he shouldn't make it a double-record).
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May 7, 2008 on Scott Weiland Preps For Albini-Produced Double LP, Autobiography, Prison
You can criticize it all you want but it's dumb to say "Bah, I don't want to download this!" Just don't download it/comment on it if you don't care, simple as that. That's why I don't post in CSS threads, because their music is terrible.
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May 5, 2008 on Trent Reznor Can’t Stop Giving Stuff Away For Free
Hey Brutus, Keep patting yourself on the back for being more enlightened than mainstream America. While I'm sure it's fun to scoff at the "Hot Topic" Foo Fighters fans (more like working young professionals, but maybe Austin has a different crowd) perhaps you forget that when a festival doesn't book big headliners (BIG as in sells lots of tickets and can generate crowds, not BIG meaning "cool" blogs talk about said band a lot) people won't show up. Remember when Lollapalooza still thought it could tour around the country in 2004 w/The Flaming Lips headlining? Yeah, it just didn't work. But, by all means, please show up to see the shoe-gazer music you love and leave so everyone else doesn't have to put up with you and your narrow views.
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April 18, 2008 on Austin City Limits 2008 Gets Foos, Fogerty
Tom, At least you know you have designated snack time/nap time since CSS, G Love, Yeasyaer and Conor Oberst are playing. Also, does anyone else think it'd be a lot cooler instead of being called Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band he called his band Conor Oberst and The Funky Bunch?
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April 15, 2008 on Austin City Limits 2008 Gets Foos, Fogerty