"Every survivor should be heard but in THIS instance it's not true!" has become the go to for this kind of dude when they are accused. It's insulting.
Plus her voice can't carry the pop aspirations. Works well when she's doing the more whispery bedroom thing but for a full on pop song it just doesn't have the power needed to pull it off. In the recorded version you can hear how incredibly tuned it is which helps I guess for the pitch but doesn't help for the energy. In the live version you can hear how strained and flat it is. It just can't carry the weight.
I just don't think it rises to the level it aspires too. It wants to be this big shimmery synth pop song and it just never gets off the ground IMO. The chorus especially just is so forgettable and missing any kind of energy or urgency. This is a pretty well worn genre of song so feels like it would need to hit higher highs to stand out in the field. Just feels generic.
Her voice in the chorus of that new single is rough. I guess she's built up enough momentum to get as big as she seems to be for this album cycle but that song is really not strong.
Y'all are out here tweeting all the winners. I would assume for people who want to watch the ceremony they'd rather have the choice to be surprised?
The Grammy's have been so terrible for so long that I am surprised I care about anything related to them. That said, it's truly unreal that Blinding Lights wasn't nominated.
But he's not saying there are no bands that exist. "I mean, there still are plenty of bands, and maybe they’re not in the limelight quite as much, or in the pop limelight, but I wish there could be more of those around."
Compare to the same list from 2002 the year the first Maroon 5 record came out.
BTS and BlackPink aren't bands. Missed 5 Seconds of Summer somehow but the point still stands.
There's literally not one contemporary band on the top 200 records from 2020. Where's the lie?
He's absolutely right though. Bands aren't part of the culture they way they were 20 years ago. Not even close.
Well I guess we'll never know for sure then.
Dude needs to get someone else to sing these tunes. He's a good songwriter and producer but he's just not a singer.
Lol rock music is deader than dead. Old farts can't handle a guitar getting smashed while PB is giving the guitar company a heads up in advance and had a fake monitor built for her to smash (maybe that was a joke?) The lameness of this is coming from all angles.
LCD "I Can Change" is also a very direct rip off of "Love is a Stranger". Listen to it.
We're still doing 90s alt rock in 2020? Ok.
Wow didn't see that one coming! Jk very much saw that one coming.
Just came to say PWR BTTM ten thousand million percent deserved to cancelled. A righteous cancelation if ever there was one.
The point he is making is that moral certainty with no nuance or compassion is akin to religious fervor, and he's right. The framing of this article supports his point.
God it's so refreshing when someone speaks from a place of deep intelligence and thoughtful understanding instead of you know, just sayin' stuff.
Eh he's just bent out of shape that he's the worlds worst singer and wouldn't have been shit without Roger Daltrey.
Again this is another instance that seems to speak to KP's pretty outrageous privilege. On the last post about her a lot of people went with the "Well just cause she's rich does that mean we should discount her as an artist?" Which I think is just missing the point. It's more about the fact that you can't break through without buying access and that paradigm excludes voices that I would rather hear from.
yeah totally. I don't think it's disqualifying there aren't rules but it definitely isn't irrelevant either. the music industry (and lets face it lots of other creative industries) have steadily become a circle jerk where privilege and connections blow open all the doors and then everyone pats each other on the back for what geniuses they are to have "made it." the context matters and it also matters which voices aren't being amplified because someone couldn't afford to focus solely on their music or hire an expensive engineer or get their music in the hands of someone who could help them.
From Wikipedia - "On her father's side, her great-great-grandparents were Isidor Straus, a U.S. Congressman and co-owner of Macy's". I think it sucks that everyone who blows up like this started from such deep privilege. Like heir to Macy's money raised in BK and trained in performing arts? That's a hell of a leg up and a lot of access that most people just don't get. Super common story these days. I dunno it's complicated but feels gross that something that's supposed to drive the culture is so heavily gate-kept by privilege and access. Especially weird that it's left completely out of the conversation. Like there's no mention here about the conditions that need to be in place for a 20 year old to end up in this position. Seems whack.
If you can't see the upswing of this kind of uber emo in the last couple of years I don't know what to tell you.
white 'n whiny sure is having a moment.
This song is a real jam!
"Today, she’s shared two of the songs from it, and they sound pretty amazing." Do they sound amazing? They sound like garage band demos. Dude Ranch on bass is a great idea I just wish it felt there was an attempt to try a little harder. Even as a bedroom recording one could do a lot more than this. I can't imagine wanting to listen to one of these songs all the way through let alone a whole album.
When you have even 1/10th of the swagger it takes to refer to yourself as "The Captain" then and only then will I let you tell me how to feel about this song.
I thought Hatchie was holding down Cocteau Twins soundalike duties.
Drives me nuts how SG constantly refer to the Voidz as SO WEIRD. Is this that weird? It's three and a half min long, has verses and choruses. Just cause of the auto-tune and production? There's a lot weirder music out there. I don't always love the Voidz but at least it's not boring. Calling it weird feels lazy.
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