If he didn't pull his stunts you wouldn't write your articles. You're feeding each other my dude.
This is like in Game of Thrones when everyone has to band together because of the greater encroaching evil. For now we shall fight along side the Biebs. For now.
This is what happens when you only hang out inside your own head.
Also at like 0:36 one of the legs on the drummers floor tom gives out and the whole left side of the drum sinks down and stays that way for the rest of the song. Didn't miss a beat.
"I don’t know how old these two kids are. I don’t know if they’re related. (I’m guessing they’re sisters.) I don’t know how far they’ve gone in the competition. " I bet you could find those things out! Also I'll tell you something *I* know: A german teenager doing an impression of Amy Winehouse singing Radiohead for a TV competition sucks so much that if you think this is good, you probably think Kid Rock's "Devil Without A Cause" is a classic record.
This is awesome. Wouldn't think in the year of our lord 2019 that a band like this could be killing it so hard, but here we are and I'm here for it.
I don't know enough about his background to say but he WREAKS of hyper privilege and his "outsider" persona seems HIGHLY performative.
Also the Nirvana comparison is SO bad. 1) Kurt Cobain left an actual legacy of work and had the opportunity during his life to exhibit his prodigy. I think you conflate lil peeps "vibe" with his substance which is dead wrong. 2) Nirvana meant something to culture at the time they were active that lil peep can't even touch. Nirvana was the biggest band in the world. lil peep is a SUPER niche sound cloud rapper. It's not comparable. 3) Kurt Cobain had an ethos and a guiding ethic. He was anti cooperate/capitalist/patriarchal and he articulated those ideas in his music and his interviews. As far as I can tell lil peep at best is a great stand in for a hyper narcissistic, shallow culture that values money and status above almost all else. That's like the opposite of Cobain bruh. YOU ARE WRONG IN THIS COMPARISON AND IT SHALL NOT STAND.
You guys just can't help yourselves with the lil peep stuff. It's bad garbage.
You lost me at “Netflix’s speakeasy.” If that’s not the most SXSW combination of words I don’t know what is.
Before you turds start complaining about the cover art just like take a deep breath and come to terms with it.
good god we don't need any of this.
This is why I'm always giving bands a hard time for making lazy videos. Look how good this is!
You know how drama kids are grating? This is grating just like that.
it's an homage to this?
I've never heard of this group and I haven't yet watched the video, but "BlackPink" is a GREAT band name.
Eeeeesh this is embarrassing. Has none of the sardonic charm that made their best singles great. I mean I get its for a kids movie but YIKES.
Yeah it's flagrant. At some point if a band doing a Weezer knock off well does it for you then that's cool, you have a lot to choose from in that regard. My general feeling is that it's an easy move and it's not creatively interesting. It's like one step above karaoke.
Oh hey another band that really likes Weezer. MAN COME ON. It's certainly a competent knock off but we're in to beyond derivative territory here. I mean this might as well be a tribute band.
Surely they could have come up with a better concept for a video than "My friends goof around in athletic outfits." It's 2019 and there's no excuse for this kind of laziness.
I dunno man. People getting mad at record art is weird as hell. Like with the LCD record. I'm not hating that art but also that record slams regardless. I guess sorry it's not your thing? I'm sure this will elicit many downvotes.
It's so great to see her having her well deserved moment. Big time chills.
I've been trying to put my finger on what I don't like about the way you write about rap music and I think it's that you're like THIS close to crossing the line in to fetishizing these artists. The way you brush off the violence especially almost seems in service of creating a constructed narrative and not actually grappling with the weight of the reality. Like ending your piece with "I also hope that he doesn’t feel the need to kill anyone else." Are you essentially saying I hope this guy gets famous cause I think he's fun/cool but hopefully no one will die along the way? I dunno that seems weird right?
This band is so good. Makes me happy to hear em blastin' out the new jams. Tis a ripper.
Shout out to the worlds best domes - Thunder, Under The, Geodesic, Of the Rock.
Hell yeah. This band is excellent and it’s awesome that they sent the single to fans before having a blog premiere it.
This song feels like a missed opportunity. I have generally liked this band a lot but this kind of song has been done to death. There's nothing here to get excited about or latch on to. I can't imagine listening to this in a years time. Just feels really really insubstantial.
Ah shit and it's The Long and Winding Road (also fitting!) I don't even like that song! Will probably get a 10.
It's fitting that the #1 comment is Tom being testy. I'm looking forward to more low Beatles scores in the Numbers Ones to clutch my pearls about in 2019.
Less interneting for everyone in 2019 I think would be helpful.
See this is the kind of stuff that we need more of.
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