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He only did Tweez; Brian Paulson did Spiderland.
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January 26, 2012 on The Top 20 Steve Albini-Recorded Albums
De La Soul, guys. De La Soul.
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June 15, 2010 on Gorillaz – “On Melancholy Hill” Video
"Kinksy like the best of 13" doesn't make sense. That album is one of their least Kinksy. It is very Kinski, though, so I can understand the confusion.
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April 18, 2010 on Blur – “Fool’s Day”
Not that I want to pass judgment based off of iPhone clips, but the ones posted on that site are intriguing.
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March 5, 2010 on The National High Violet Album Info
Hey, isn't that Stephen Patterson from White Rabbits playing floor tom/tambourine/maracas?
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March 5, 2010 on Spoon “Got Nuffin” For Letterman
How are we forgetting Fred Durst and the Goo Goo Dolls horrendous cover of "Wish You Were Here?" Possibly the worst tribute ever.
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February 17, 2010 on The 21 Worst All-Star Charity Music Videos Of All Time
The new Randy Newman is actually pretty good; I wouldn't knock it.
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December 19, 2008 on Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums Of 2008
Um your comment is not good. The problem is that you picked a really dumb ass thing to say. Improvisation in classical music, like in jazz, is often based on established forms. Considering Ma plays the cello, a lower register instrument, it makes sense that he would provide the basic form.
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October 29, 2008 on Andrew Bird And Yo-Yo Ma Smile And Whistle At Each Other A transcript: [Holding up a sign from the audience] "It says 'no cocksmokers allowed.' I applaud you sir." If ever there were a time I'd like to embed something in the comments here, this would be it. Hypocrisy at its finest. Whether or not there was malicious intent behind the word (and for all Homme says, he used the word in a derogatory manner), the meaning of the word can indeed be hurtful. If Homme had apologized for his usage of the word, I think this would be more acceptable. But it's clear he has a track record of homophobic comments, and he's too proud of himself to apologize for his blatant hostility. Pathetic.
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June 20, 2008 on Josh Homme: I Am Not A Homophobe