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Alex Wexelman


I'm on your side, man. I like a lot of Simon's later work. I didn't mean to give it the backseat. If I had a few more spots, like a top 15 list, you'd for sure see some stuff from his last four or so albums. Mother and Child was inspired by the death of his dog as well as the fact that his father had a weak heart. Simon was realizing the fragility of human life. I was merely interpreting the lyrics from a close reading perspective. I have a copy of his most comprehensive biography but felt I was leaning a lot on facts and wanted to do a little interpretation, too!
I adore "Run That Body Down." Just love it. But felt a little wonky about including half the tracklist of Paul Simon on here.
I'd love to do an "Underrated Late Career" tracks list. However, Stereogum doesn't have that section yet. If you've got any pull at Rolling Stone I'd be happy to write that list for you!
There's a new Paul Simon audiobook coming out that Simon did hours of interviews for called Miracles and Wonder.
Thank you. I appreciate your kind words!
Was debating "My Little Town" but felt since it appeared on Art's album as well that it was a bit more a Simon & Garfunkel track.
Thank you. You get it. It's less a "these songs are the ones you should hear if you've never ever heard Paul Simon before" list and more a "these are my favorites with attention to representing Simon's career but not regurgitating the tracklist to Negotiations and Love Songs" list. I do like "Loves Me Like a Rock;" less so "Kodachrome."
I stand by my choices, but I agree it's not a list of expected songs. When I did research I found a lot of lists all with the same songs. You know what that list looks like. It looks like a greatest hits collection.
I adore "American Tune." "Armistice Day" is great, too but I felt I was maybe too heavy on Paul Simon's self-titled. Maybe this will inspire me to finally write my bootleg 33 1/3rd on Paul Simon's Paul Simon. That album deserves some strongly argued words!
I'm a big fan of all of those songs. I had only tried Capeman once before undertaking this project, but I came away enjoying it. Especially the track you highlighted.


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