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I find emusic a great option for audiophiles but the list is not substantial enough. I think a price point like emusic would be good dent at at deterring if it had more options musically. I find iTunes might be a guide for people to illegally download because of the high prices on digital files. In Canada, we don't have access Pandora anymore because of copyright laws and are not able to download the app either. Prices are more substantial here than in the US, on new albums and a cheap source that is hard to come by. A friend told me about Very cheap and operate "legally" through Ukraine laws. I was wondering what people thought about sites like these that are popping up out of the Ukraine,. Also, the only two sites in Canada that I know of are, emusic and iTtunes. We don't even have amazon mp3 downloads.
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November 21, 2012 on Deconstructing: Pandora, Spotify, Piracy, And Getting Artists Paid