Man, I need to watch Kuso. Sounds extremely my jam. I’m glad he’s doing more stuff. Never can have enough motion picture weirdos out there.
Uh same for all these years. Guess I need to check 'em out for reals. Fuckin great band name, though.
New stereogum sponsor Blue Apron works in mysterious ways.
I was not prepared for how filthy that piano version of Song 2 would make me feel. I'm gonna go buy one of that country gal's albums just to even the score.
I can't think of a band that just needs to make a weird interesting album more than these cats. They do what they do well, I suppose, but I've been tired of what they do for 15 years. Oh yeah, FFS. That shit still kicks.
“Cat in the Cradle” then jet off.
Presented without comment (aside from this one, cuz otherwise my comment might not go through)
Damn great version of one of my favorite Bowie songs and off my favorite Bowie album. Also, what’s up with Marty’s wacky frets?
I’ve been weirdly hooked on the last 3 Killers albums recently. I think it’s cuz I’m old and happy and they just got some good vibes. I didn’t realize how fucking great the song “Wonderful Wonderful” is. Really cool.
I also wish he would’ve said something about the lead singer thing, but considering he left the industry cuz mental health fuck it.
I’m very glad he got editor comment this week, otherwise I would’ve missed his post. Seems very cool!
Agree with this so much. I like Tembo, but it sticks out like a sore thumb. I’m glad the new record is more fluid in its melancholy. I’d also recommend Merrie Land by The Good, The Bad, and The Queen for anybody interested in other Damon projects. I wasn’t too crazy about their first effort, but this album has grown on me like crazy. Also, put Dr Dee back on streaming you cowards.
Put that back in my heavy rotation again recently. So damn good.
This is very great and about time Dan puts out a solo LP. Adding “lead” to that quote seems… like a weird flex? He could’ve just said vocalist and it would be perfectly fine.
It's a bunch of globes in a little coke baggy I get it.
I saw them on their last tour which felt extremely jammy. I mentioned to a friend I had just seen Animal Collective, and she said she’d never heard of them, and I, accurately, described the show as hipster 311.
Getting your delay and reverb pedal settings perfect takes time.
Love the spooky/heavy lullaby sound of this.
Elton John and Eminem want their schtick back.
Generally curious, but why is the artist name not listed as Ye on the title. Is he still using Kanye as his music handle?
Confirmed Vedder next James Bond.
What I would do to be given the opportunity to fire Don Henley.
Your username is pretty prophetic considering the nature of the article and how somebody already said this with overwhelming success.
Didn’t know Lord Voldemort was gonna be there huge if true
I really dig how much this band's sound changes up per album. I'm wondering if this is more of a full band record rather than just a joe one.
I think it’s safe to say the guy with the Dr. Seuss hat and fake alien titties never had a good look.
It's like a Knife x Kylie Minogue song and I am 100% here for it.
I didn’t watch the trailer, but I think it’s safe to assume this movie is just a 1.5 hour long Footos commercial.
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