Incredible track - hope this means a new album with this song on it soon.
I just listened to "Bed of Ash" and I think brain juice is leaking out my ears. AoTY run it now.
Love this band so much. Can't wait to blast this on the weekend.
So much this. I am so sick and tired of narcissistic egomaniacs complaining about their words and actions having negative consequences. Fuck right off into deep space.
I appreciate that there's a song called "CORN."
Scamming is a bedwetter's game.
The musical guest on SNL should always be a person or group who, at the end of the performance, will leave the stage looking like the intro to the Eric Andre Show.
Any relation to Dr. Leo Spaceman?
Dude's 60 looking like a fresh Helmut Lang model
Couple of mine, both from "spongebob" Overseas connection choppy, she's gettin' worse Your sister talked to the nurse, everybody at church Everybody wants to know if you comin' But they won't say the words Your days feel rehearsed, nights come back in short bursts N**** had the nerve to say, "You can't take it with you" Fuck would I want with any of this shit? Dummy That one cracks me up every time, the way he says dummy, though the message is powerful.
Oh wow - this is ribcage-breaking good and nasty. La Vida Es En Mus is on a total tear with releases.
Low of 52 on Monday. Better have that yule log ready.
I think they could have jammed a few more cliches in that trailer.
Another tomato to the face in this dystopian nightmare. Nothing like spending millions to give away thousands.
Maybe it's the environment, but this is an incredibly dull performance.
Man really did look like he’d been hiding out in the woods for a bit and they just found him.
Damn what a surprise level up from an already excellent band!
"THIS IS NOT ALL THAT WE ARE." So, it's part of what you are?
I love this band so much. Happy to have a steady output from them lately.
This band is so damn rad.
The intro reminded me of getting blasted by the THX noise.
Baby will be fine. Just make sure they have light beer and smokes on hand.
I guess there's still tiers underneath Starbucks core.
Am I supposed to feel bad and like her now and tip her really really well?
This song irritates me so much. The really fake sounding string flourishes in the chorus don't help. Perhaps I'm just a hater but I will never understand the obsession over CRJ.
Awesome surprise to see the band shouting out Alec Empire. I'm relatively new to Low but I feel like I just discovered a new favorite band.
Oh, I didn’t even consider the geographical aspect. I definitely consider implants a reality in my lifetime. Maybe they’ll bring public executions back. I feel like a good chunk of the general public would enjoy a picnic listening to someone’s death throes.
This makes me wonder when the K-pop bubble is going to burst. We've had some artists already take their own lives over the level of control, how much worse could it get?
Lana. I love you. You sing really well and you're pretty. But I think maybe you should take a break before the next album. Hugs and kisses.
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