They really should as Show Me the Body the Body
I think there's an error in this article the embed is an Imagine Dragons song.
"Not Norma" was the name of the song, no?
Most excellent band, loving this track
"The album bears traces of the guitar-driven Y2K-era pop that’s in vogue right now — Michelle Branch, Natalie Imbruglia, the kind of stuff you’d see on VH1 if you clicked away from TRL." GOD PLEASE NO WHY
Dang, sucks for the festival goers but good call. The flooding is no joke, more people losing their lives to this on top of everything else. Stay safe and be good to each other out there.
I think they can jam a few more pickups in that guitar.
Don't you want to feel the rush of Shawn Mendes playing Lou Reed and belting out Sweet Jane at a laundrymat while others join in?
Love what Lil Nas X did to Drake's album cover.
I wonder what governing body handles the certification of lover boys. Are there certified lover girls? Can I become a Certified Waffle Boy?
So much this. I see a valuable point in Young's statement and I admire his concern for the health of others, but he's also in a privileged position many musicians aren't.
This exactly - I thought of "Control" listening to this. Big Sean lays down one of his best verses in a while then Kendrick comes in and floods the world with fire. Much respect to Baby Keem though he's definitely holding his own.
Maybe it's for the same reason the Diplomats were yelling "Taliban!" in the intros and outros to their song. Have no idea what that reason is, but yeah.
Uh are we forgetting Vitalic's video for Poney Part 1?
Yeah and no more people dressing up like prom queens with flowers and runny makeup.
I cannot wait to put this album on and let all my bones shake loose from my body.
Don is such a weird name for a younger dude.
psshhh like we'll be around in 20 years ;)
Lorde, you claimed that you would never be royals. The lie detector test determined...that was a lie.
I want so badly to feel that sweaty euphoria that comes with seeing bands like this rips shit up live.
Thank you all kindly for the recommendations! I appreciate the time. What I’m learning is that I need to listen to their full discography pretty much. I’m down for that.
This is the exact kind of song I needed today. Or ever. As someone who's heard maybe 4 Low songs, what's a good place to start album-wise?
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I'm here for the Official Zentendo(TM) Seal of Quality.
I don't know that they went nowhere. Good News went platinum and reached the #1 spot on Billboard. Nightmare Vacation sold a ton of presales and hit #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Good News currently has a Metacritic rating of 85 and Nightmare Vacation sits at 80. Not to say these numbers/stats are everything, but I wouldn't say these albums went nowhere.
I saw Das Racist open up for Cold Cave some years back. Weird show, weird lineup. Das Racist were definitely shitposting live, like they were afraid to take their music seriously. Kept triggering this airhorn sound between songs. Cold Cave were subdued and kinda boring too. Saw Cold Cave in 2019 and they were much better. Would love to see Danny live.
Crazy how he doesn't seem to remember anything his accusers have accused him of, yet he admits to being shitty to people. So you just happened to do shitty things people aren't mentioning???
Different direction for them and I'm digging it. Love Yoni's vocals on this - reminds me of HTRK.
as well as what Lorde calls the “turn-of-the-century beachside optimism” of S Club 7, All Saints, Natalie Imbruglia, and Nelly Furtado. Ah, it all makes sense now.
Wow-wasn't sure they'd keep going after losing Groggs. Happy to see they have at least one more coming, though it's a bit bittersweet. RIP Groggs Injury Reserve forever.
Just posted this as a reply to someone else before I saw yours (sorry!). What the hell is going on at IDIB? Mandatory matching teardrop tattoos?
Simonetti on Twitter: I have been receiving emails all morning from media people asking for a statement about Chromatics breaking up. All I have to say is, I’ve known about this for months, and im genuinely happy that they are out of there.
I second the call for Bummer! I'm checking out Chat Pile now and must second them as well. Shout out to US Nails and Exhalants as well! Stay ugly!
Love the scenes in the blackbear video where the band's all playing traditional instruments and none are to be heard.
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