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So Mark Eitzel's 'Hey Mr Ferryman' gains no recognition? Unbelievable...
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June 8, 2017 on The 50 Best Albums Of 2017 So Far
What about Iceage.. now that's my favorite and it's not even on the list
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December 2, 2014 on The 50 Best Albums Of 2014
Good album but not the best rap album ever. No way!
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September 12, 2014 on Ready To Die Turns 20
Bang on with #1 but some major omission - namely Mardy Bum, Pretty Visitors, Do Me a Favour, When the Sun Goes Down and If You Were There, Beware.
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August 21, 2014 on The 10 Best Arctic Monkeys Songs
Funny, I would have thought that From the Basement on The Hill is his best.
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February 11, 2014 on Elliott Smith Albums From Worst To Best
Simple Twist of Fate has to be there
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December 17, 2013 on The 10 Best Bob Dylan Songs
The best part of the Jay Z album was the guests (Beyonce, Frank Ocean).. still probably deserved to be maybe 40 something in this list
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December 17, 2013 on The 40 Best Rap Albums Of 2013
1. Vampire Weekend - Ya Hey 2. Agnes Obel - Dorian 3. Youth Lagoon - Third Dystopia 4. Danny Brown - Side B (Dope Song) 5. Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home 6. Earl Sweatshirt - Hive 7. Kanye West - On Sight 8. Savages - City's Full 9. Disclosure - White Noise 10. Speedy Ortiz - No Below
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December 12, 2013 on Stereogum’s 50 Favorite Songs Of 2013
So Kanye's most recent album (Yeezus and MBDTF) is empty music? Haha, yeah right?
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September 28, 2013 on Premature Evaluation: Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience – 2 Of 2
Biffy Clyro happen to be the only rock band in the charts nowadays and NIN are just a shower of ageing has-beens trying to stir something up!
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August 26, 2013 on Trent Reznor Says Biffy Clyro Fucked NIN’s Reading Set
Yes, Van Morrison is an exceptionally unsung artist. No white man could ever sing like Van Morrison and the instrumentation on Astral Weeks is just mind-blowing.
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July 2, 2013 on Entertainment Weekly’s 100 Greatest Albums Ever
Your opinion is incredibly naive. How can you claim that Pitchfork is confusing? The reviewers are just being honest and every good music critic knows that Good Kid Maad City was a fantastic record. The true critic appreciates and is open-minded to the vast majority of genres - they can enjoy Sonic Youth and Kanye West at the same time. Think through your comment properly before you post it, you pretentious dicklicker!
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December 21, 2012 on Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums Of 2012