The thing is, CSH already pivoted to synths with How To Leave Town and that album ruled. The difference here is that this album just isn't nearly as good
Hollywood is like Pistol and Turtleneck except it's bad
I love the episode with Julia Holter where she delves into Horns Surrounding Me. This has happened with a few other Song Exploder episodes but this one really changed the way I hear and appreciate the song
Sounds like they made a One Trait Danger album and just rebranded it as CSH
I dunno about that, Netflix may release a lot of trash but there's a lot of high quality shows too. They also give creators a lot of leeway, which should be a good sign given Chazelle's past work.
Congratulations Little Dark Age Oracular Spectacular MGMT
The twitter account is actually Bill, the facebook page is fan run
This album rules and is streaming at The Wire right now: Really hope they're able to tour once the pandemic is over
Yeah, I love Bernie, voted for him in 2016 and will vote for him tomorrow, but if he loses even half as badly as the polls suggest he will tomorrow he needs to drop out.
I don't understand how someone can read this article and then say the artists will be fine. You literally just got through reading about how it's not fine at all! Dogleg may be able to make it through this based on the strength of their live show and album (and assuming P4k fest isn't cancelled), but I'm sure dozens of smaller bands that were set to play SXSW are going to be completely fucked by what's happening.
Beto's truly a coward. He co-opted Bernie's grassroots populism when it suited him then tacked hard to the center when he failed to gain traction. He's an empty suit and I hope like hell that no one actually gives a shit about his endorsement.
I really need to hear this live at Homecoming in May
Look up the site Book More Women, they've got a decent sized following including a bunch of prominent women musicians
Remember that time Primavera Sound did this and had a stellar lineup with great attendance?
I will not stand for the Bambara erasure here
The bottom half of every day is pretty abysmal, right? There's a lot of stellar acts in the top halves but there's no way this is worth $400 + fees
So St. Vincent is almost certainly going to be presenting the award to NIN, right?
I saw Awkwafina open up for Deerhoof at Oberlin College in 2014 to a crowd of about a 100 people. She was great and hilarious but I never would've imagined her hitting this level of fame just a few years later.
Edit for section 13: Bedouin's a DJ, you're thinking of Bedouine Also apparently MCR were booked but dropped out since they weren't going to be headliners
Props to the assistant who picked Oblivions instead of any of the singles from I Am Easy To Find. That one and Quiet Light are 2 of the best songs The National ever made
Since Kamala dropped out and Bloomberg's skipping the first 4 states, you could argue that Yang is in the top 5 now
I'll take the over on that
I used to be really into Star Wars but I'm pretty cold on the Mandalorian. The overall design and atmosphere of the show is amazing but the writing just isn't there for me. I'm with you all on Watchmen though, it's easily the best thing I've seen this year
The Strokes are most certainly lame but the Voidz aren't. Shame Shaky didn't book them too
Maybe they'll start High Violet midset instead of at the beginning. They could end the main set with Bloodbuzz or Conversation 16 and cap off the encore with Vanderlyle
Headliners are lame but that's a real nice undercard
Damn this was an insane month for jazz. I really loved the new Yazz Ahmed and Jaimie Branch releases and I'm hoping to get a chance to catch both live next year
It could just be these outlets are over-correcting for recency bias and omitting albums that would've undoubtedly made the list if it were compiled in 2020 or later instead of Sept/Oct 2019
Heard Bloom by Great Grandpa on the radio today and loved it. For whatever reason I'd ignored the sgum posts about them but now I'm really looking forward to the album
Very happy to hear, given the age old wisdom that PE > AOTW
How dare you rob an Angel, Chris.
Their albums really aren't that long, so you might as well just listen to all of Masterpiece and Capacity and see what sticks
So anyone notice the redhats that flooded that Lana thread?
It fucking rules. I really like the Jay Som record but Braindrops is AOTW (and probably AOTM) by a mile
Damn, DEVO's officially calling it quits. Here's to hoping their farewell tour hits their home turf; it was a massive bummer that their Hardcore tour completely bypassed Ohio
These new songs are great but where the hell are Shoulders and Not?!
I love We're Coming Out and Black Diamond! Only clunker for me on LIB is Gary's Got a Boner
It kinda feels like she is taking shots at fests like Primavera, given their tagline "The New Normal"
His vocals were great on the first couple albums but man years of cigarettes have ravaged his vocals something fierce
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