This is great! I've never really delved into Nels' work beyond Wilco but I've been a fan of Yuka's for quite some time
The common denominator for me is that all of the odd-year albums rule the hardest
Killer band; their 2 EPs are both stellar and the new songs are very promising
I'm always baffled at the lack of coverage whenever she releases an album because she's so damn good
They played Bell, Society, On the Street, and Tumult on their 2018 full band tour, claiming they were covers of an obscure British punk band called Blazin Lazers. They all ripped live, so I'm super excited the recorded versions are coming so soon
I saw Bedouine play Sunshine Sometimes at a festival last summer when it was still untitled. After she played it, she said its working title was Wildflower and asked the crowd what they would call it. Someone shouted out Sunshine Sometimes, which fit the song so well, so I'm thrilled to see she went with that one!
I feel like it'll be absolutely massive live and I don't know if my local club venue's gonna be able to handle it
After re-listening to most of his discog, I feel confident in saying Eraserland is now my favorite album of Tim's. It's so fully realized, personal, and hits in all the right ways. I don't think it'll end up being his final record, but if it is then it's one hell of a way to go out. P.S. I wasn't a fan of Tim's jam phase during the Hard Love tour but goddamn if I don't want to hear a 15 minute version of Eraserland's title track
This rules! I still can't believe I'm going to get to see him with Guerilla Toss next Friday
Really hoping the rest of the lineup lives up to the first part - Beach House, Real Estate, and Caroline Rose are a strong start for me
Nelsonville Music Festival - Nelsonville, OH It's like Newport Folk Fest and Pickathon's little sibling. Its lineups are well-curated and diverse, it's located on a small college campus right in Hocking Hills state park, and has a strong emphasis on arts and zero-waste initiatives.
I think it's his best work next to Pope Killdragon. Not quite as grandiose as HEAL and way tighter than Hard(er) Love and has his most personal lyrics. MMJ does a fantastic job as the backing band and reigns in the worst of Tim's jam tendencies that crept in on Hard(er) Love.
His "Cumberland Blues" cover for that Day of the Dead tribute album was stellar as well
Bummer, only Saturday really stands out to me and how the hell are HAIM are headliner in 2019?
This new album is the best thing Tim's ever done. Preorder the record and go see him on tour if you know what's good for ya
My favorite of theirs, without a doubt. The production work is beautiful and there are still killer rockers like Start Together, The End of You, and Get Up alongside the softer beauts like Tom mentioned
They're playing p4k fest according to a reddit insider that leaked acts last year
I was at a music festival a few years ago and saw Doug just chilling sitting in the grass watching outsider folk legend Michael Hurley do his thing. Dude's great
I love There Is No Enemy so much. I got to see them play my all-time favorite deep cut Tomorrow in 2016 and it was everything I'd hoped for. It's one of those rare records where I love the second half more than the first, even though the first is pretty killer too. But damn, that run from Pat through the end of the album is an all-timer for me
I can't fucking wait for their 20th anniversary tour to hit the US. I've seen them 6 times and it was only during the first time in 2011 that they played Broken Chairs and lemme tell you it was crushing
This album is tremendous, my only complaint is that it flies by so fast. Hopefully it won't be another 4 years before she releases another album.
So this post is just an ad for the Hulu doc, right?
I don't like most of the headliners but damn the undercard is awesome. Probably not enough to get me back to the fest but I give them props
I think you're right, they seem like the most obvious ones to be the last minute replacement given that they were already announced to headline Shaky Knees and headlined Desert Daze last year. Earlier rumors had Justin Timberlake headlining until he cancelled his tour, which makes me think Ariana was his replacement.
I still can't believe Stereolab reunited like it was no big deal. Maybe it'll feel real if and when they announce a US tour or new music
For your sake don't look up what Mish Way's been up to since the last White Lung album
I wish I enjoyed the new Deerhunter album more but so far it feels like Fading Frontier 2 but even less memorable
Goddamn I still well up with tears a bit just thinking of that "Never Catch Me" video
Phil, I just discovered your Burning Ambulance podcast and really enjoyed your roundtable with Shabaka Hutchings, Yazz Ahmed, and Nubya Garcia. I look forward to digging into the backlog as well as listening to the albums on this list that I haven't heard yet. That Nicole Mitchell record in particular sounds right up my alley.
Julia Holter - Aviary Mitski - Nobody
1. Julia Holter - Aviary 2. Mitski - Be the Cowboy 3. U.S. Girls - In a Poem Unlimited 4. Haley Heynderickx - I Need To Start A Garden 5. Father John Misty - God's Favorite Customer 6. Caroline Rose - Loner 7. Idles - Joy as an Act of Resistance 8. Sons of Kemet - Your Queen Is A Reptile 9. Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love 10. Gang Gang Dance -- Kazuashita
If you have Amazon Prime, I just noticed the other day that they added a bunch of 70s/80s game shows like Password, Family Feud, Match Game, and a ton of others I've never heard of. Now, none of them likely hold a candle to Jeopardy but it's a start at least
I really dig the version These New Puritans did as the opening track on Field of Reeds. Speaking of them, new music is coming tomorrow!
"Taking a cue from the opening credits soundtracked by “Starless,” the best King Crimson song ever, Jóhannsson alternates between starry astral synths and towering doom metal" Well shit I guess I need to see Mandy asap
Just saw Ronin and it was a hell of good show, I'd highly recommend going
Has anyone here ever seen Nik Bärtsch's Ronin or Mark Guiliana's Space Heroes live? Both are coming to my area soon and I wanted some input on whether I should check them out.
I'm really pulling for my hometown heroes Devo to get in, although it would be a bit bittersweet since the ceremony's in New York this time around
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