I've had the embed problem, and I managed to fix it by changing some things in the chrome settings. It was a whole thing and I can't remember what I did exactly but I might not be a site issue.
So noone is going to comment on the fact jamie cullum is on this? Thats one of the most bizarre collaborations I've seen in a while. Wonder what it'll be.
The real news here is that anyone was suprised a 60-year old mother would put an emberassing but loving video of her son online. She meant well, stop trying to cancel everyone
Which would result in breaking the rules, ofcourse, because most people with 50 dollars worth of alcohol in them can't even adhere to the standards of social distance we maintained before the pandemic.
It's very popular, and crazy expensive. I can certainly believe it's worth a billion dollars.
How does Mr. Worldwide even shelter in place? He's everywhere at once...
If you liked Unctut Gems, the show 'Happy', which I think is on Netflix, has the same manic energy but mixed in some ultraviolence and talking puppets. And Christopher Meloni. It's batshit insane but a great show to blast through in an afternoon
"Stop Assigning Me This Fucking Ticket, Carl (Remix)"
There are too few songs about the horrors of modern project management in a digital workspace. Props to Justin for opening up the conversation on this pressing issue.
It made sense when recording an album was pretty much a loss leader, but with increased profits from streaming I'm not sure that still has to be a thing.
hey now. It's a pretty decent ironic bandname for a metal band though. As in ironic without being lame.
Putting everything else aside for a moment: Bulletproof Boy Scouts is an objectively good band name. Not sure it works for a boyband, but still...
Yeah, i hadn't read the entire interview yet. Spoke out of turn, sorry
I think he's gotten over it. Saw him a few weeks ago and he played the entire album, turning every song intro a 10+ minute ripper. Show lasted like 2.5 hours and it was fucking great
Seriously? I went to his show like a month ago and it was 30 bucks. Though I guess he's way more known in America than in Europe.
It might not be the best rap Music, but it's some of the best Rap music of the last decade, if you get my point. There are more artistically realised bodies of art being created by rappers now, but as for old school bar-for-bar rapping, RTJ2 is one of the best. Whether one or the other is more important for you is completely personal. I tend to go with the latter but I can certainly see the argument for the artistry being bigger in the former.
If you can't do it good, do it hard
They toned down the body horror lyrics, which did turn it less foreboding, true, but also made another eternity a more honest record. This seems even more poppy. I really like it, but I wonder if it has legs. I think Shrines never lost it's punched whereas not everything on another eternity held up that well
Then you are a pining non-binary nihilist. And a vocal excercise.
eh. If you care about someone it's cool to hear them talk about something passionately, even if you don't really know or care about the subject. That said, you can definitely overdo it.
Don't need teeth if you don't use consonants *pointyfingerman.jpg*
Try half a year probably. The competition for festivals these days is insane, artists get booked sooner and sooner.
So they should stop playing certain festivals before saying why? How would that help exactly?
Funnily enough, they even did pop-adjacent music better on More Light with 'It's Alright, It's OK'
You have to be known to be 'formerly known', bloc..
Seriously, Over My Shoulder is a bop
That's awesome, congrats Scott and the gang. Also very excited about a new UX!
Riverside from way back is also a fantastic song
Don't sleep on the new Frazey Ford song. It's great as always
Trouble Will Find Me is the best National album, bar none.
This is exciting but tbh everything Oberst has been churning out since People's Key has been similarly great. His solo work is really underrated imo
That Black Madonna remix though. That thing slaps with the force of ten scuba fins.
She had a big international hit with Clean Bandit last year, that might've helped.
That song already justifies a new collection imo. If the rest is somewhat good, then great. If not, we still got a song on the level of 'You Want It Darker' out of it.
I hope his investigation team does freelance work. Every rap fued should have at least a few soap opera twists from here on out. Maybe lakeith stanfield is his own evil twin or Charlamagne has secretely been in a come for three years. Who knows, it's exciting!
Their covers album is also really fun. Whatever you think of duritz, the rest of the band is just very good
I live about 10 minutes away and have only been once. Where I saw one of the best shows I have ever seen. I really should amend this.
So a long show is automatically better? Some shows aren't served by a long playtime. If you have 10 good songs and 5 boring ones, you're better served just playing the ten good ones and leaving the audience fulfilled. I've definitely seen bands work a 45-minute festival slot way better than an 1.5 hour headline show
O man, now i want to be at a dj gig where they seemlessly switch over to depeche mode at the drop of clearest blue. Sounds like a good time
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