There's something in the American mentality that is given to putting blind faith in 'winners' isn't there...
I think this is a great thing that should have happened but it looks like instead of singing along and celebrating Bowie most people are there just to film Win Butler walking along the street.
Putting Alice Glass one ahead of Crystal Castles, very crafty Stereogum.
Some lanky git from Sheffield, I love you.
I think Simply Red played at Zenith in Paris. It will be cool if Bataclan does have a show sooner than later though right?
I love that show... Saturday Night Life
Ugh I knew there was a reason I never trusted those HAIM girls. Anyone who sides with Taylor Swift over Ed Droste is clearly an untrustworthy moron.
Wanted to make fun of Glycerine's lyrics, wanted to say that it seemed inevitable, wanted to say it took 21 years for this guy to finally become irrelevant... but I can't make fun of someone's divorce it seems kind of cruel.
I don't get it what did he do that was weird? ...Perform?
It's sad that an acceptance of vegetarianism/veganism (even when not practiced) amongst the younger, cooler populations hasn't gripped much of the English speaking world yet. Oh well.
Why do some people , put a space before every form of punctuation , that they use !?! It's like they've never read anything ?
Coffee in the heat is fantastic, we LOVE it. And the people are becoming increasingly uptight and superficial. But no it's true, I wrote an article about it:
The best part of this interview was the very end when he said "Australian guys tend to be the ones who go around the world making good little coffee shops that do it better than everybody else" (just vindicating because no one believes me when I tell them that Australia is the coffee capital of the world.)
you've been stuck.... in lift... in the belly of a whaaaaaaale, in the bottom, of the oooooocean.... Thom...
Dave Grohl is the Enrique Iglesias of the rock world.
and I gotta start proofreading my comments, but you get what I'm saying in that last paragraph '... they don't either because...'
Read as: Walmart are going to play a more diverse range of shitty music. When I was a teenager I was in Myer (Australian equivalent of... Macy's?) and they played 'Optimistic' by Radiohead on a Thursday night... the pair of jeans that I was trying on were from then on forever woven from the magic and triumph of hearing such a perfect song in such an unexpected place. I feel like there's so much opportunity for stores to exploit this and improve their image... either because most people are idiots and will respond better to Nickelback's 'Photograph' or because it's just too much of a risky move to get sophisticated about music... I don't even buy clothes much so I don't really know what I'm talking about.
He didn't 'try' to draw a heart... he DID draw a heart!! That reminds me of when I was 15 and my neighbour saw that I had bought a benchpress and goes "oh, are you 'trying' to lift some weights?"... it's like "no, you dick, I AM lifting weights" (I no longer lift weights)
you're right if they want to stay relevant they should at least realise their strengths... I'm not saying just play classics but if they're playing old stuff who the hell wants to hear Sweetest Thing? ugh, In God's Country is where it's at.
He lives by his values unapologetically. And a lot of people hate him for it. He's courageous and real.
Exactly. People think food and they think 'oh health' - no... food has SO many other ethical issues surrounding it that people rarely think about. We all need it... every human on the planet, every day... that's a lot of demand for a product... we need to refrigerate it, move it, grow it, sell it... food is a political issue. And if corporations can genetically modify it and trademark it... then fuck.
I was being a little bit tongue in cheek about Vedder, but I agree with all of muffinman's points. Crowds definitely have changed, people expect to have half a metre free space around them even up the front these days... it's safer, but I hate it. Some concerts are different, I was at a Tyler the Creator show tonight and was on the balcony and of course when he came out everyone went nuts, but it was funny to watch these girls get mad at everyone for pushing them when the concert started... they were having an argument with like 120 people... completely oblivious the fact.. totally surprised that something like a moshpit could exist... after 3 songs they kind of got it. Japandroids.
Steve Aoki is a douche, it's kind of obvious that this is tantamount to just jumping on someone... it's not like the weight of the impact is distributed evenly through the raft or anything and the person unlucky enough to be right under it has no way of knowing or seeing what's happening... Makes me nostalgic for the days when this kind of thing was done responsibly... kind of
You don't want to mess with this guy's wit, every Fleet Foxes show used to be fricken hilarious. Perth 2012: Robin "are there dangerous jellyfish in the water here?" Tillman: "...he's not asking because he is afraid of jellyfish... we are are asking because we are keen jellyfish hunters... and seek to find and destroy all Australian jellyfish."
Ed has tinnitus? I came home with it after Primavera Sound last year... at first it sucks because you realise you'll never hear silence again, then you deal with it and just hope it doesn't get worse. I feel for people who have it so bad they hear it in other places than just silent rooms.
I haven't even thought about Shirley Manson for a good two years or something... but somehow it seems perfect that she should be the one to say this. If Joe Strummer were alive then it would be him though, he should say something. Bob Dylan is too busy with the yackety-yak guys... Maybe Bowie should weigh in...
You're all such w*n&erf*l $e#pl# gu#s. I l#^e y#u al*
"I have a nu-metal past" - "Nate, welcome, and thanks for sharing with the group."
That Fleet Foxes references came out of nowhere... he means Fleet Foxes were a bad influence on music because of that nightmare period that they unintentionally spawned commercially right (The Lumineers, Mumford etc)? Putting the Nookie video and seeing that screen of douchebag Fred Durst after Wes is like "… and I started to kinda miss Bizkit." is hilarious. But ALSO... he definitely seems like a really thoughtful, nice guy.
Oh god... Tom Delonge "and everyone gives me the credit!! As if I'm arranging the marketing and the sales... I'm not..." - wtf? That's exactly the kind of thing I was imagining, thanks :)
Yep, someone like Twin Shadow updating Madonna, Prince or MJ is an entirely different thing to Taylor Swift or Nikki Minaj just on autopilot ploughing into whatever kitsch mode actual pop music is in. i.e. one is worth reporting on, and the other can be covered by Billboard.
Tom Delonge is so clearly the band's resident idiot egotistical maniac (based on the few times I've checked in on them since Enema of the State). Why does he clarify that HE started Blink in his garage? Surely you need more than one person to start a band? He's tried to move the band using 'his people'? What the hell? It's a pop punk band... Watch just one episode of that show Mark Hoppus did where he interviewed different musicians and tell me he's a bad guy. Then go watch one interview with Tom Delonge... or don't because no one cares about Blink-182... I like that Mark Hoppus guy though.
The retro video game that is line-app would have been a pretty cool way to discover the line-up if it wasn't completely impossible. I just had a dream that Grimes was playing and woke up to find that she's not... so dreams don't come true kids.
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