Killing is only wrong when it's a choice, and usually it's a choice. Animals that died through 'animal agriculture' had a far more gruesome and miserable life and death than those hunted in your part of the country. But that doesn't make it right to kill them, only arguably 'less wrong'. I'm not saying there's no situation in which it is right to kill or harm and animal or a human, but it's only ok in relatively few cases (those in which it's not a 'choice'). In our current, supermarket society we have enough information and convenience for it always to be a choice whether we kill animals and we have the information available to us that a plant based diet is a complete and healthy one. Eating animals is a choice, it involves killing them, and is therefore wrong - regardless of whether or not your family has hunted them for generations (that has never made anything right, that's why we have social justice movements to get rid of things like racism, homophobia and sexism and all of their gruesome real world implications). This all of course is to say nothing of indigenous / tribal societies that still exist, we are talking about the culture in which we are living. And if you're reading this on the internet... I assume that you're part of this one.
I feel like the obscured face thing has the opposite of its intended effect... like it makes her seem like she wants people to deify or idolise her rather than to dissociate her 'self' from her music. But apparently she just doesn't want to be recognised in public or critiqued for the way she looks so... that's ok isn't it? I guess it's moot point now, she's getting so hammered for it!
I've been there two years in a row now and actually only one small stage is like that. Which is inside a theatre just outside the festival grounds. But this only accounts for like less than 5% of the bill AND it's really cool to sit inside a modern theatre that usually houses orchestras during a festival, saw Christopher Owens there, it was nice, and the line wasn't long. Maybe you're thinking of a different festival? Because what you described is nothing like Primavera. BUT! Last year they introduced a VIP area at the two main stages which was the left side of the front section in front of the barricades... which is really lame.
Primavera Sound is still a good festival.... but the cancer is spreading.
If I were Grimes I'd be real pissed about the octopus eating in this ad (especially after showing how majestic it is alive). As a vegan, I definitely would be.
bah, it's a performance - don't you know that bit in Live Tonight Sold Out where Kurt Cobain says 'punk rock should mean freedom, playing whatever you want, as sloppy as you want, as long as it's good and it has passion' - Foxygen aren't 'punk rock' but they're not Steely Dan either.... I enjoyed this performance for what it was and I don't care about the guy's mic technique.
What is this 'weak vocal performance' talk? The vocals were good; in key, same style as the album... what do you rate vocals on... enunciation of syllables?
Good on him. Animal rights are important. Animal cruelty is something we need to leave behind. Don't be an enemy of animal rights.
Yer, it's a cool video. It's actually kind of sweet and tender, but not sexual.... that's just a dumb thing to think.
"Club goin uuup... on a Tuesday!!"
I first heard about Steve Aoki at a festival in Portugal. On the same day that Twin Shadow and Tame Impala were playing we met all these Portuguese people that said "just wait til Steve Aoki tonight", "He is a-m-a-z-i-n-g", "so much party and fun". My girlfriend and I strolled up to the mainstage midway through his set and in the distance saw this long haired guy running around the stage gyrating and waving his hands with the most godawful music pounding across the festival grounds.... we decided it was the end of music, bought a pastel de nata, and went back to our hostel. We didn't see him throw any cake, but if we had... maybe we would have had a different opinion about the music?
I think that to get into edgier Spoon you have to listen to Kill The Moonlight twice consecutively, then Transference 3 times but do little activities in between if you want, then back to Kill The Moonlight and then press up up down down L R L R B A and you're done.
My real answer would be Way We Get By, Underdog and The Beast And Dragon, Adored My answer that is actually just my 3 favourite songs is Out Go the Lights, All The Pretty Girls Go To The City and Black Like Me
I had to turn Hola on to watch that from Germany... but it was very worth watching for the documentary aspect as well as the concert footage. Fascinating.
I thought it was good, and then I heard that chorus... and my chest melted into my rib cage like caramel and I was transported to hot January sunsets in sitting in the back of my car at the beach.... FUCK!!!!!!!! He can do no wrong.
I liked your comment without the image.
I agree with Raptor Jesus that 'too many songs' is subjective but not according to the listener's patience but rather whether the amount of songs suits the record... if it interferes with the flow and the narrative or compliments them. With The Suburbs... although there are definitely highlights and it's not just killer all the way through, if I imagine taking anything out it would be a lesser record.
...the suburbs is a masterpiece
and Purity Ring are on a whole other level to CHVRCHES... It never even occurred to me to compare the two... I mean CHVRCHES are ok but... it's fucking Purity Ring; Shrines is a masterpiece.
Wait, because a couple of people here have been saying it's... adult swim?
Just went and upvoted it Dr. Feelgood, here's hoping; fingers crossed and touch wood. Raptor that's just unnecessary plagiarism.
Oh no wait he is totally vegetarian I take it back. But I still think Mark Hoppus is cool.
Mark Hoppus is a talented, sensitive and cool guy... he's also a vegetarian which means if he made this 'elephant' argument it would make more sense. Travis Barker is a vegan so it would make even more sense. Tom Delonge is neither so what the fuck is he talking about? He also thinks he's much more intelligent than he is... he's a bit of a doofus.
I find it strange that people still refer to everything from Vitalogy to Riot Act as in some way 'experimental' or 'avant garde' ...maybe it seemed so in comparison to Ten and Vs. but they're objectively all pretty standard rock records, especially from today's perspective. I find it a real shame that they strayed from that and have been making empty facsimiles of their former glory for the last 8 years... because Pearl Jam managed to always keep me interested in what they were doing... it's just the sound of a band pushing themselves and discovering. It's not a new concept that bands are at their most interesting when they do this. Of course they have the right to make whatever music they want to though.
Pearl Jam tour North America intensively every couple of years... and play the odd few shows every other year... can't you just travel to the next town and see them? Seems a bit demanding to pressure them to play where they don't plan to whether that's in NY or Washington.
The Guardian is an unstoppable behemoth of great journalism. If you follow them on facebook you'll be reading upwards of 3 Guardian articles per day.
Exactly. If Grimes has time to party, then Grimes has time to work. That's why she exists.
The obscene finger gesture at the paparazzi, always a clever move: give them exactly what they don't want, that'll show em.
This is exactly the kind of thing that bogans love, it's totally marketed towards and aimed at bogans ('bogan' is an Australian word for a person who enjoys AC/DC)
Pff... it didn't even happen during 3rd Planet... may as well not even have a meteor during your show.
Hats off to him... You can kind of tell that he's clearly not happy about the whole thing... but the meme can now only be used to support him and not to knock him, it's the obvious thing to do but still pretty ballsy and clever.
If someone ruined Linoleum live for me, I would also kick him in the face.
It's funny. Vegans are without doubt the best people in the world. I met this guy from another planet on the train once and he said that everyone on his planet was vegan but that humans win because Earth has discos.
I don't think there was a reasonable context for “Mark Kozelek is an asshole.” - that's exactly what was so unbelievable about it.
I like this kind of stuff, I experienced it all in 1997 when I was 13 constantly tracking down Outcesticide CDs at the different CD hire (!!) places and then recording them onto old cassette tapes and listening to them on my walkman all day. You don't get that now because you can just google it, you wouldn't make the Meat Brothers mistake or think that Pat Smear was French because the answers are all there. The internet is great but I too have very fond memories of this playground mythology of music and all the personal interpretation and misinterpretation of it. I remember asking a friend of mine every day if he could get his big sister to lend me the 'No Alternative' compilation until he finally did it, that recording of Sappy or Verse Chorus Verse or whatever blew my fucking mind. And I was 13 when I discovered Cobain so it seemed like an eternity since he had died to me... but it was only 3 years!!
This is actually a pretty good song... coming from someone who lost faith in Pearl Jam for every song they released AFTER Inside Job... probably the last good song from Eddie Vedder / Pearl Jam... I saw them 4 times in Australia last January and it was like they just... weren't even there.
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