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wow, that was just shameful of you.
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October 12, 2011 on Ra Ra Riot Do Fallon
Fleetwood Mac is such a hard-to-find combo of various voices (literally and figuratively) that gel perfectly to deliver a unique sound all their own. Their early stuff was very cool in a dirty bluesier kind of way but i'm thankful it developed the way it did...Lindsey is an amazing talent.
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October 12, 2011 on Progress Report: Fleetwood Mac yourself a favor and get away from your computer for a while. Go outside and smell the fresh air...then visit the nearest hot dog street vendor and dunk your annoying face into the weiner bath.
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October 12, 2011 on Watch Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” Live At The Premises
I bet it's the kind that tastes like money and smells like making shitty music.
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October 12, 2011 on Karen O Covers Willie Nelson And Waylon Jennings For Chipotle