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First off, this list is called greatest artists of all time, not artists with the biggest followings and whatnot. That being said, Michael Jackson, as an artist, is not deserving of the #2 ranking. The guy was the greatest entertainer of all time, the king of pop, and a hell one of my favorite things to listen to. However he did not write close to half of his own songs. Influtienal, yes. greater artist than the likes of Zeppelin, the Stones, Elvis, Stevie Wonder, Dylan, Hendrix, hell no. Sorry i know thats gonna piss a lot of people off, but one of the main reasons Zeppelin, the Beatles, and the Stones are legends is because their writing was incredible. His was too, but he didnt do it. Prince at 7? come on. Dont make me laugh. One of my major problems is Bob marley at 11. The man is an iconic figure, and made reggae what it is today. Without him, Reggae is not nearly what it is. He made his music an art form that the world fell in love with, and still is in love with. The fact that his music is still tremendously popular is a testament to his artistic value. I went to Jamaica, and in one of the clubs they played the Bob song "Smile Jamaica" and people started crying. the man is a legend. Much more of a legend than Prince. Shut the fuck up VH1, you just said Prince is a better artist than Elvis fucking Presley. the fact that Jay-Z is higher than Pac and BIG is a fucking JOKE!!! not to mention his wife! are we serious here? There are actually people that think Beyonce is more important to musical world than Tupac and BIG. The fact that those two are below those shit heads show me that this list is purely political. Pac an BIG both represented an entire coast of America, and gave them a voice. Jay-Z took Brooklyn.... Fuck that. Pac and BIG both go down as the two who made rap what it is today. And the gap between them is bullshit. I get that whichever one you choose as the better one is a matter of opinion, but there is no way either one of them is 6 spots better than the other. I like Pac better since he is the most prominent figure in the creation of gangsta rap. and i love his anger and passion. Coldplay, get the hell outta here. No way do you deserve to be in the top 200. My main problem is where are all the country artists? Its almost like VH1 decided that country music isnt as important or as artistically vauluable as any other kind of music. The only true country artist is Johnny Cash. What the fuck? People shit themselves to Garth Brooks. 40 year old women screamed like little girls for hours, went home and had dreams of Conway Twitty for months after seeing his concerts. Patsy Cline? Get real VH1. Not having country artists on here is like taking half of america, and saying no, your opinions and what you like dont mean anything because you are from the south. Its the equivalent of putting ANYONE in front of the Beatles. Goddamn. This list is such bullshit that i could go on for days.
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March 27, 2011 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time