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A lot of fans don't like the direction the band have gone in, and Kliph was a fan first. Wayne says that Kliph wasn't involved creatively, which I am pretty sure we all expected...I was under the impression that the band's music was created by Stephen with Wayne. But if that's not the case, and every member was expected to write their own parts, and be an equal part of that process, than it is fair that every member would have some sort of say or vote in what the band is doing. I know that if I were in the band, and the tides turned from these glorious, heart-swelling, inspirational, hope-filled genius songs, performed live with a hand over the heart, puppets and strap-on strobe lights, dancing animals on stage to...this? Pop stars, cover album after cover album, and goodness. Just look at Wayne Coyne's Twitter. I think the last tweet I saw was about a vending machines with dildos and condoms in it, and he spelled FrEaKz like a fifteen-year-old on AOL in 1995. And throws around "hater" like a fucking kid, and comes off like a complete jerk, and tells us to not be fans if we don't like it. I would have quit the job a long time before he got thrown out, and gotten into another band that delivers, inspires, and has a totally positive, feel good vibe again. If you had told me that this was what the Lips were going to be like ten-fifteen years ago...if you had told me this was their legacy? I never would have bought it, and would have argued you right out of the room. It's just sad.
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May 13, 2014 on Kliph Scurlock Clarifies That Wayne Coyne Is Not Racist, Regrets Refusing To Work With Kesha
...and banged around on another much younger actor who actually played Kurt in a movie. aka Michael Pitt.
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April 11, 2012 on Courtney Love Alleges Dave Grohl Seduced Frances Bean, Tweets A Lot About It