Phantom Thread has great roles for Vicky Krieps and Lesley Manville. But I think PTA's films are very white male-heavy because he writes them all himself and that's what he knows when it comes to writing characters.
The comic is better (mainly because it's got more room to breathe with characterisation etc), but the film is still great fun. I'm not surprised it flopped at the time but am pleased it's become such a cult film in the decade since. Also Ellen Wong should have become a big star off the back of this - at least she's in GLOW these days!'s not a Lana Del Rey cover? (song is very good though!)
Can we get apologies from everyone involved with musician biopics in general for the films all being terrible?
Not if you're in the Middle East or Afghanistan
Jessie Ware was eligible but I always felt she was a long shot, I think again her time to win was with her debut
And in Pulp's case, nobody remembers the first three albums (or the first two Primal Scream ones)! Don't think Sports Team will win, Porridge Radio are a decent bet. Another thing to remember is the last act not from London to win was Young Fathers
Hence why I said 'more than four albums', as Elbow and Skepta both won for their fourth albums. If Marling was going to win she'd have won a decade ago to be honest
I think that comes from them rarely giving the award to established acts, most of the winners are on their first or second album and some of them just fade away (*coughKlaxonscough*)
No way, and it's definitely better than the one from just two years ago
Decent shortlist on the whole but no FKA Twigs is indeed nuts
PJ Harvey (x 2) and Pulp are the only winners who had done more than four albums at the time, so it's unlikely to be honest
They probably figured the gig venues will all be out of business if they're not open again by early 2021 anyway (and they will probably be out of business, but hey nobody seems to want to admit that yet)
Probably wasn't helped by coming out in January, and I think Dan Bejar gets taken for granted by now sadly
How is the album itself dated? I wouldn't give it 10/10 though it is very good.
Nah, Kanye's album will get slated but they'll give it 7.3 anyway
Halfway through the year and here's Pitchfork's BNM albums so far in 2020. Which will be the no. 2 album of the year? (A: Phoebe Bridgers) Fiona Apple - 10 Bob Dylan - 9.0 Perfume Genius - 9.0 Phoebe Bridgers - 8.7 Waxahatchee - 8.7 Haim - 8.6 Moses Sumney - 8.6 Dogleg - 8.6 Gil-Scott Heron/Makaya McCraven - 8.6 Yves Tumor - 8.5 U.S. Girls - 8.5 Bad Bunny - 8.5 Drakeo the Ruler - 8.5 Destroyer - 8.5 Medhane - 8.4 Jay Electronica - 8.4 Porridge Radio - 8.4 Lil Uzi Vert - 8.4 Jeff Parker - 8.4 Run the Jewels - 8.3 Jessie Ware - 8.3 Blake Mills - 8.3 The Soft Pink Truth - 8.3 Beatrice Dillon - 8.3 Grimes - 8.2 KeiyaA - 8.2 Lyra Pramuk - 8.2
Oh good, yet another musician biopiczzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Great album though The Delgados should have won the Mercury Prize that year!
Correct! (you are I mean, not the reviews)
Loads of places slapped down Free Your Mind, not just Pitchfork
'A good cop is a dead cop' Whoa there, I won't have people slag off Columbo
Not condoning adultery but you'd drown someone for it? Very old testament!
Whatever their name is, they're still a hopeless franchise either way
So is the upcoming film with Janelle Monae changing its name now too?
If an album is finished, music acts should just release them, screw the pandemic. Waiting until next year would be pointless.
Biggest omission: Rina Sawayama And Grimes is about 30 places too low
One and Done? More like Three and Still Waiting for Album Date, am I right guys?! Guys...? I'm asuming the album is finished - if it is, why don't the label just release it?
Considering how many albums are now in July (not just ones that got shifted there), I feel like a lot of these acts would have been better off just going ahead with the album release in May
Hot take: all her albums are great, but The Electric Lady is her best album (OK it's more of a lukewarm take)
Exactly, who cares what the album is called.
Lady Bird was great, Booksmart was pretty good (though wildly overhyped on social media), but I can't stand Caitlin Moran so not sure I'll give this a go.
Awful lot of people out there deluding themselves that they'll be happy to do nothing at all enjoyable and stay at home except to get food for the next 12-18 months.
They're not playing gigs until 2021 now, what's the 'proper rollout' going to be in July?
Seriously? Considering they've cancelled this year's gigs (which is fair enough), seems especially pointless to push the album back six weeks.
I don't know about album releases and gigs but by autumn economic considerations will have won out, people can't stay in lockdown all year
Is there a financial hit for putting your album out now as opposed to later when there'll be a deluge of new albums and your album possibly gets lost in the crush? It's not like with films where cinemas are closed.
Really don't get why people are delaying finished albums right now - obviously you can't tour on the back of it but if you release it at least digitally now people will know the songs inside out by the time you do anyway. I'm guessing CD/vinyl production places are closed now, which is interesting because I work in book publishing and all our printers in the UK/Italy/China remain operational
The whole 'La La Land is about a white guy who saves jazz' narrative was total nonsense, did people saying this actually watch the film? I'm relieved it didn't win Best Picture really (Manchester by the Sea should have won!), it saved the film getting endless stupid outrage directed its way forever. Anyway Chazelle is absurdly talented (Whiplash and First Man are both great as well), so I'm definitely interested in this
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