If Donald Trump told the NFL they had to cancel this year's season he'd probably lose the election in a landslide. For that reason alone I can't see this recommendation happening.
It's callous, but in the end economic considerations will probably win out, no matter how callous.
Firstly, this is one person's recommendation, and I suspect it will not be the one adopted. Like it or not there is no way in hell that the people who run things like sport and music (not to mention people like sports fans) are going to wait 18 months to get things going again.
Quitting cocaine after a miserable night at someone's house huh
Everything is cancelled...except streaming service subscriptions anyway
My point still stands!
So Orlando Bloom was dating Miranda Kerr and now dates Katy Perry. I hate him.
I mean the fashion industry is run by rich people, I'm sure they love Trump anyway because of the tax breaks
Wait until ANOHNI finds out about the Toy Story franchise employing 'conservatives are so oppressed in Hollywood!' Tim Allen
*checks to see if it's also available on CD* It is! Hooray!
Great guy. He probably should have finished off by saying 'fuck you boomers'
Should have called the album Fighting With Adam Sandler
I still really like the John Cusack film, it's worth it for the bit where Tim Robbins visits the shop alone
Play a Hollywood legend - automatic Oscar! Scarlett Johansson and Saoirse Ronan were robbed
Same as it ever was! Phoenix is great but he should have won years ago for The Master probably.
I really liked Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone, but not so much The Ghosts of Highway 20
Good call, I think I have it third or so in my decade ranking!
Best album of 2010
Stormzy and Kaytranada to be in Best of 2020 lists then?
Biggest omission from this list: Jenny Lewis
I think Hold On it's Easy got overlooked as it's reworkings of older songs of theirs. More accurate to say this is the first album of original material since Urban Turban
'When was the last time Coldplay released a truly great album?' Viva La Vida for sure.
Meanwhile Stormzy comes in to disrupt all the album of the year lists being prepared
Another Arthur Russell archival release out this week as well
Pretty much every really famous rock act ever?
Clearly Imagine Dragons were robbed
It's dead behind the eyes singer meets dead behind the eyes producer
Perfect No. 1, but We Found Love is probably the worst song of the decade
Maybe another song of theirs will be used for the end credits of the sequel to To All the Boys I've Loved Before
I think Golden Hour is very good but Same Trailer Different Park and Pageant Material are both better and it's a shame both are getting so overlooked now
Modern Vampires of the City is 25 places too low
Glad Los Lobos were mentioned, they've been great throughout their career.
A Christmas Gift For You and Songs for Christmas/Silver and Gold would like a word.
I made this joke a few days ago and I was right! Pitchfork's review of Jesus is King is basically the bit in The Simpsons where Homer tells Marge 'Sorry Marge, I'n afraid this gets my lowest rating ever - seven thumbs up'
New album avalanche in January gathers pace!
I'm telling you, he's like Bob Dylan c. 1979 right now. On the upside, we'll get an Oh Mercy from him in about ten years and a Time Out of Mind in about twenty.
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