This review just got me so hyped. Well written, thanks!
when I heard the opening violins I thought of that verve song
I’ll be there, it’s right up the road from where I live. Twin shadow, pinback, cold war kids all have good songs too. I’m hoping for something as solid as the flaming lips last year for a headliner too but might be a stretch. Regardless, a very fun time
sbs is an all time album i will fight anyone who tries to say otherwise
absolutely, wholeheartedly disagree. much like one other writer on this site, i think harmony hall is an instant classic. hard to see it as anything else. and the other songs are really cool so far too imo, they have interesting textures and are fun, repeatable listens. i think possibly you guys are have a preconception of what vampire weekend should be/sound like and it's getting in the way of you enjoying these tracks for the songs they are
I feel the slight diss on Andrew Bird is unwarranted. Dude is an incredible musician and to this day is still making amazing music.
Kayne said a really dumb thing about slavery, and that is what really sealed the deal for me on him as not being a great speaker or role-model. But he still makes good music, and that I can enjoy without caring about him as a influencer outside of music. I don't agree with his politics, but I think not agreeing with someone's politics isn't a good enough reason to discredit their art. Still enjoyed his last two albums, but believe it is necessary to separate the art from the artist, which some people understandably can't do.
on "successful" she also allows us as the listener in to share in the riches with some of her wordplay. this here is really just bravado
living my life off ff is a jam, needs to be included
Since I'm real lake to the party I'm gonna hijack the top comment and feel alright about it (also I like mr gruff): 1) Snail Mail Lush 2) Mitski Be the Coyboy 3) Robyn Honey (yum) 4) Papa John Murphy's latest (thats Father John Misty for the uninitiated) 5)The U.S Girls album 6) Camp Cope album 7) Kids See Ghosts (I really thought this was underrated - i know ye is a numbskull but inventive stuff on this one) 8) Noname Room25 9) The boygenius ep/lp record thing 10) Kacey I guess I'm a country fan now Musgraves sunkissed Golden Hour Great year everyone, thanks for all the hard work gum staffers and I'll be lurkin again in 2019. Have a good winter season
No Kids See Ghosts is confusing. Would replace the Taylor ablum with that one for sure. Otherwise good list, thanks 'gum
An all time favorite. Top 10
I just can’t get into screaming/metal vocal styles? Can someone help, bc the music on this is great but the vox tracks puts me off
Most of the songs go down fine for me as well. Obviously not some masterwork but I can't say I didn't enjoy my listen overall. But the cringe in lyrical content certainly pops up enough to make me understand why people aren't on board
march 14th is a bad song. but i think you're being a little hard on drake here. imagine having some consenual sex with someone you haven't had much time with and then they have a kid or you get pregnant or watever. thats not an easy thing to handle. and with him being in the public spotlight like he is, i think his argument on emotionless is fine. but yes the march 14th lyrics are kinda bunk
3 way and WTP of the tt album are so cringey imo...i just don't get how people like them. then again a lot of stuff from these projects is cringey. But i thought the first three were all worth while. haven't been able to get behind the nas and tt ones as much
downright cringey at some parts, but 4 of 8 songs are good. can't believe people think this is better than kids see ghosts...
"type of person" jesus dude...chill out with the judgements. the melon is a fine person
this shit is a 9 or 9.5 outa 10 yall are nuts
I'm in on the album too and agree that people are a little quick to judge. After three listens I was at a 7/10. I think I'm already up to an 8 after further listening. Yikes and Ghost town are top tier Kayne tracks
I think it's flawed logic that just bc the dude didn't make a "quantum leap" from his last album that it's bad or boring. Also Yikes and Ghost Town are two top tier Kayne songs.
Everyone here is saying its stale and boring, but I think it’s just kinda mellow, which I kinda like from such a short album. I think the hype was out of proportion for what the record was supposed to be, but I’m still enjoying it. Beats are good, lyrics are average. 7 out of 10.
was also present and felt the same, but also really don't understand why people are so averse to the new stuff in the first place. they are chvrches songs, maybe not the best but they still rock pretty hard imo. think people that want them to be the strokes level band or something are reaching too hard with them
everyone over-reacting and shitting way too hard on this album imo.
You’re a fucking idiot tom, you’ve ruined this website.
so happy hes delving more into his rap game. on point
The lanz album is really good. Didnt know he was a touring member of the national and sufjan
Just listened to lone wolves three times in a row, can't wait to hear this whole thing. Also you guys gotta give the cardi album a chance. I'm normally not a poptimist but it's a fun album. She can shit talk with the best of em and everyone knows shes got a good flow
Anyone in society should prove THOROUGHLY and RIGOROUSLY that you are responsible enough to own and operate a gun with proper licensing and registration similar and if not more so than owning a car -- black, white, or otherwise. These are the COMMON SENSE laws everyone EXCEPT the NRA and their cronies are trying to ensure with the walks, and appearing on that organizations network to talk about supporting gun ownership is irresponsible because of course it's going to get taken out of context. Shame on you KM.
no there is a correct order and this is it: 1) teen dream 2) bloom 3) depression cherry 4) tyls 5) devotion 6) s/t
Dude master of none is prime stuff hes chill
Friend or foe is already the name of a suberb menomena album, so hope they choose something else
You can't just claim it as a "fraud, pure and simple" and not be equally as culpable of making wild claims with no suppoting evidence as the "frat bros" you talk about. Bitcoin started an idea that had very real world applications and amazing potential: an economy that the whole world, banked populations or otherwise, can partake in and out of the hands of third party banks. While that vision has been somewhat tarished with the direction bitcoin itself is going, another currency will fill this essential need for many people in the world and it will be due to the original vision started by bitcoin. Sorry your dad made a bad business decision (why would you ever sink your life savings into one thing?), but cryptographic currency is not a fraud and claiming in to be one is irresponsible. It is going to help billions of people finally participate in the world economy.
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