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I don't know why I'm saying this stuff, probably all the vicodin. maybe i feel guilty. my dirty admissions: i have two laptops, both of which were gifts i don't pay rent (live in a 4 bedroom house with pool) or any other bills besides my phone, 38 a month im on food stamps, 160ish bucks a month at 3 months at a time, you have to work at least 20 hours a week to get em and I just got a job after 6 months of not having one. i have 16,000 songs on my mac and counting. ive never paid for a single one. we just cancelled our cable because we just download all our tv. seen every episode of every show I like so now I'm digging into b grade random old cancelled stuff (current viewing Dog Bites Man, a cancelled Comedy Central show) movies are often pirated too. just saw God Bless America. as a blogger I get a lot of free tickets to shows. Last night I did pay to see Lil Kim but I can't remember the last time I paid to go to a show. ive gone to ACL free and got a bracelet for SXSW too. now this i really do feel bad about: i sold my free sleigh bells tickets for weed 2 years ago. im never doing that again, that did make me feel like an asshole later. just to clarify most of these bands did get covered by me in the publication I write for. some didn't for example I saw The Walkmen free but didn't write anything...don't remember why i didnt. i drink about once a week, 95 percent of the time i never buy my own drinks, and i dont pay cover due to me working at the bar i frequent once a month. a one night stand turned into a free trip to LA. I went to Disneyland and Universal Studios(VIP pass) for nothing. i have indigent health care. I just had an operation at no cost to me. I get my antidpressants free indefinitely. at 20 dollars a week, i spent about 1000 bucks on weed last year. damn the more and more i think about it, most of the stuff i own I didnt work for. my dad bought me my guitar (RIP), my wii was a gift, my tv is the one i grew up with, my amp was left at my house and they never came back for it. my ipod was a gift too. my bike also (twas stolen at the bus station when i got back from dads funeral), thinking about it the only things I own which I worked for are my boots and clothes (i only own 2 pairs of jeans/pants) i used to steal alot from stores 4 or 5 years ago i stopped. i dont steal anything at all from a store now. some moral thing kicked in then. maybe I'll have another revelation. we all have to have faults, on the scale of mass murderer rapist cannibal terrorist to the most moral person in the world I land in the middle and that'll do for now. i do have a lot of good qualities, but thats another blog post. now tear me apart. try to be a funny about it.
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