Cringed so hard at the "Good Tweet, Bad Tweet" scene
Jeremy Strong plays Kendall SO WELL. It's crazy the number of layers he brings to this completely insufferable persona.
I've never understood what all the fuss was about tbh
Scott, a Jew from Long Island, is the architect of this storied "Christmas albums on Halloween" tradition
I definitely see the parallels between Incubus and D Plan and I find it amusing that this came out on the same day as Morning View
Need Vivek to write an In Theory column on “The Other Side”
That's exactly what this band was for me. I like to think of S.C.I.E.N.C.E. as my bridge between Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Dismemberment Plan...
It appears to be showing at movie theaters too, though if cost is the concern, paying for a month of a streaming service probably costs less than two movie tickets.
I'll call it a song about the horrors of slavery when an ominous slowed-down version is playing in a Jordan Peele movie trailer. Until then, nah
Fun fact that didn't fit naturally into the article: "Blacking Out The Friction" and "I Was A Kaleidoscope" feature backing vocals from Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger singer turned Seattle journalist) and John Vanderslice (O.G. indie rock producer and singer-songwriter extraordinaire)
Photo Album drummer weighs in:
This is exactly my relationship with them. They are more of a greatest hits band for me, but I love this album front to back.
Wow I had no idea Ben thought so little of this album... I would argue that he very much made his worst music after getting rich
this was also my experience way back in 2001... yet i will probably still try to go see him again before it's too late
Throwing it WAY back, marko!
You have a point but I think people would lose their shit over White Stripes… R.E.M. would probably be a bigger deal than you’re giving them credit for but my memories of Coachella collectively shrugging at the motherfucking Replacements(!) seven years ago still haunt me
Did you read the column?
I almost made this the headline but it felt disrespectful 🤣
Hard to dispute this take
you're not wrong...
Here y'all go, the Tom Breihan special:
we haven't forgotten...
The review embargo lifted on Monday, it's wild! With a lot of big albums like this you can't get a promo unless you agree not to review it until release day. Allowing reviews this early is an interesting strategy, one her PR team also used with Haim's last album.
I don't want to inflate your expectations TOO much because I maintain that it's a step down from Golden Hour, but the singles aren't doing it justice. The thing about "star-crossed" is that it is really just a prelude. It functions well in that capacity and segues nicely into "good wife." As a lead single, it's less successful because in a vacuum it's pretty much all buildup without much payoff. "justified" for me is kind of like "Butterflies" from the last album, where it's fine as a single but works better in sequence. I hate to be like "You have to experience it as a whole" because I'm not sure that's entirely correct — there are songs that could stand alone just fine. But in general I feel like the tracks feed off each other and benefit from being experienced together.
Missed opportunity for the actual Richman to write "I had to come again, and show you that I'm real" in his statement
"Oh my god!" - Mark "Markly" Morrison upon learning of this scam "Cause what you did, you know, was wrong/ And all the nasty things you've done" - Mark Morrison to the impostor
And, although Drake is indeed a certified fboy, I love him too
lol I def Freudian slipped that one, love me some CFB
Even as a fan of Halsey and NIN, I really did not expect to like it this much
Must have been stoked
It's out tonight! They are doing a YouTube premiere at 10PM ET and then the album hits Bandcamp at midnight. We will have a post up tonight.
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