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If your album crosses the 9.0 threshold then pretty much every song should be f-ing amazing. At least 90% of the album should be instant-classic material. Right? Halcyon Digest does not rise to that level, though it's a fine set of tunes. I think the interns there at P4K were just crushing a bit too hard that day and it obviously affected the reviewers.
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October 13, 2010 on Avey Tare – Down There Premature Evaluation
Or you can save yourself a lot of money and just take out an old undershirt and a Sharpie and write on the front "I am Lame".
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September 9, 2010 on Browse Weezer’s Hurley Clothing Line
Looks like they got Joaquin Phoenix to cameo. . . or do all the hipster video extras in Brooklyn sport some terrible scuzzy beard? This is sort of the Death to Wavves video. Nice.
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September 8, 2010 on Crocodiles – “Hearts Of Love” Video
There is a lot to scorn here, VH1, but I'll pick just one: Coldplay? really? Oh, sorry, I forgot this is a list from the people who brought you "Hogan Knows Best", "Charm School with Ricki Lake " and ""Flavor of Love". VH1 has credibility about musical taste like LiLo has credibility about sobriety.
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September 4, 2010 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time