I counted and there are 311 people in the crowd. I'm so proud of you.
RJC, your words are too kind and much appreciated. I, like the rest of us, have one selfless goal - to find out the truth about the 311/hold steady conspiracy and hold the perpetrators for this clandestine cover up accountable. We will not stop. We will not be silenced. We have a great deal of spare time. Revelation 3:11: "I am coming soon. Hold fast to what you have, so that no one will take your crown. " "HOLD FAST" = HOLD STEADY This is some Dan Brown shit. Damn.
You should be ashamed of that headline. You're a TROOOOOLL
There's lots of ways to addiction and none of them are more honourable than the next. I fail to see the callousness or braggadocio in his statement. I'm sure he doesn't think he's cool because he always wanted to try heroin. In fact, a large proportion of the article is basically saying that his addiction fucked up the band, including by Albert himself. Don't judge so hard, bro.
Yes, clearly, Uzi fucking sucks. He sucks the way Good Charlotte will always suck. He sucks the way Staind sucks. The way Limp Bizkit sucks. Fred Durst had Snoop Dogg and Eminem pretending he was cool, but he fucking sucked then and he fucking sucks now. Age does equate with irrelevancy and being "out of touch." Mediocre talent is obvious. And Uzi isn't mediocre - he's trash. Kids don't know shit. "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" gets stuck in my head too, but so did "Friday" by Rebecca Black.
Sad to see young people throw away their lives like this.
If you haven't already, make sure you hit up "Wich is Wich." Best sandwiches in London. Get the Jerk Chicken and tell 'em "Don said you're a jerk!" lol, no, don't, they don't know me. But do try the sandwiches. Peace.
Makes you realize how shitty so much current rap is. sad.
The name is confusing. I guess I shouldn't talk, I preform as "Jazzy Geoff."
Goodbye yellow brick is a fuckin tune, man, geez.
drums do sound like they were played on a barstool. Also got alexisonfire vibes from a lot of the album, mixed with mogwai, and the whole thing was recorded in a kleenex box.
That wayne verse on no frauds is no good hah sounds like it was written by a child hah "drake a headliner, and nicki she get finer, did all of my homework, got in a fight and got a shiner. YA. mom was mad no allowance, no matter I've got the balance, of jellybeans bitch, halloween like witch, Weezy F ha ha ha ha" Like come on man smh hah. #stepup #progress
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Also, the structure/vibe, build up at 2:40ish, and subsequent shift in the song is reminiscent of a day in the life - not that it's equivalent in any way but the structure, you know.
Also I just emailed your gmail account RJ - the one that we used for the.... list.
I just need to get this out of my system - the rap breakdown in the middle of "keep your name" where he says "that was stupid shit" and the part about naomi klein makes me laugh every time and I want to crawl out of my skin but the rest of the album is incredible. Thanks
I still have the messages app for some reason - this makes sense - i've been waiting for a reply on your thoughts of the new dirty projectors for like a week. I miss u
The social piece is the only unique aspect - it's what kept me from switching to apple music (.... also the better user interface). I'm so alone.
should have premiered it with a whiteout session. smh.
I will - why the FUK wouldn't they release it on March 11th? Who do they think they are? REEKS of conspiracy. Can't trust them. Sad. also the album will suck, goes without saying, but looking forward to converting chord changes into morse code to decipher the true meaning of the album and to give my life meaning for a couple weeks I have nothing
lol she really would have shook shit up with the 50's/60's influence - would we have been ready? lol, damn.
I think it's a great album, along with rush of blood and viva la vida. but ever since they covered their bodies and all their possessions in paint its been shit. peace.
the rap break reminded me of something unsettling... can't quite put my finger on it...
Travis Scott - Coordinate is total shit.
David Bowie - Dollar Days 1. Radiohead - Burn the Witch 2. Kanye - Real Friends 3. Flume - Never Be Like You 4. Skepta - Ladies Hit Squad 5. Julia Holter - Sea Calls Me Home 6. White Lung - Hungry 7. Drake - Still Here/One Dance 8. The Strokes - Threat of Joy 9. Kanye West - Waves 10. PJ Harvey - The Wheel 11. Whitney - No Woman 12. Schoolboy Q - Groovy Tony/Eddie Kane 13. Ham & Rostam - 1000x 14. Merchandise - Right Back to the Start 15. AK Paul - Landcruisin' 16. PND - Not Nice Honourable mention: Kanye West - first 1:07 Also Travis Scott - Coordinate
This album, like his last, was largely produced by other artists, despite production being the thing I most often associated Travis Scott with. This album is a triumph of beat selection, autotune, and ad-libs. It's all jacked style combined with lush, expensive beats and it sounds like delicious trap candy. There is not a single ounce of substance on this album, yet I will probably listen to it more than most other albums with substance and effort put into their development. It's somewhere between a Michael Bay movie and Suicide Squad - over the top, biting other's innovative work/styles, and yet so pleasing to the senses. I'm surprised Cudi has cosigned this shit. "Through the Late night" sounds like pre-man on the moon cudi and travis only detracts from the song when he takes a dump midway through. also the end of "way back" has the ratatat guitars. How the hell did he get the 3000 verse?
I hate myself for enjoying all of travis scott's output. "AL-RIGHT!"
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