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‘Til Today: 25 Years After Her Solo Debut, Aimee Mann Looks Back

Before she had no luck at all, Aimee Mann had beginner's luck. She hit it big at the age of 24 with one of the…
Doug Bleggi | November 21, 2018 - 11:21 am

Counting Down

Stephin Merritt Albums From Worst To Best

"Relating to other people has always struck me as the most overrated of pleasures." Stephin Merritt said this in a 2015 issue of…
Doug Bleggi | March 13, 2017 - 12:33 pm


What Kim Gordon’s Girl In A Band Reveals About The End Of Her Marriage And The Last Days Of Sonic Youth

In David Browne's 2008 biography of Sonic Youth, Goodbye 20th Century, he writes on the group's lasting stability:…
Doug Bleggi | February 4, 2015 - 1:50 pm

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PROPS to the self-referential posting the song at both the middle and end of the article.
+6 |
October 16, 2018 on Still Got It: 20 Years Later, “You Get What You Give” Still Sounds New And Radical
The General Custer of niche TV horror.
+2 |
September 18, 2018 on This TV Series Is About A Vinyl Record THAT KILLS PEOPLE
that snl clip continues to be a nightmare.
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September 4, 2018 on Drake Calls Trump A “Fucking Idiot” At Brooklyn Concert
came here to make sure the Bonus Beats is what it should be, and it is.
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August 9, 2018 on The Number Ones: Herman’s Hermits’ “I’m Henry VIII, I Am”
I have made many arguments in the past that the sound of the engine ripping and tires screeching all over this song is the beginning of noise pop.
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July 5, 2018 on The Number Ones: The Shangri-Las’ “Leader Of The Pack”
perhaps needs some Kurt Loder/Tabitha Soren references in the text to really drive the name home.
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April 11, 2018 on Please Welcome Our New Overlord Cardi B
I've put this song on mixes for years and it sometimes gets a side-eye from people in the room and i'm like "YO how you gonna like early Wilco and not think this is a great song?!"
+11 |
March 2, 2018 on “If It Makes You Happy” Is (Still) Having A Moment
10/10!! This is my mother's favorite song!!
+5 |
February 21, 2018 on The Number Ones: Percy Faith’s “Theme From A Summer Place
This test makes total sense, but it's funny because I turned 13 in 2000 which I feel is a year I continue to take a nap on generally.
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February 12, 2018 on New Study Says 38-Year-Old Men Like “Creep”
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February 7, 2018 on Drake Keeps Up Giving Spree By Paying For Everyone’s Groceries At Miami Supermarket
That description of Rubin's production characteristics are exactly what a Smashing Pumpkins album would not benefit from.
+2 |
January 30, 2018 on Smashing Pumpkins Recording Reunion Album Produced By Rick Rubin
As much as I'm still amused by the Soy Bomb moment as it was, I really love Tom B's assessment of it from his Time Out of Mind piece... "What strikes me is Dylan himself. Before Portnoy’s interruption, that had been a great Dylan performance — Dylan and his band all fully locked in, guitars quietly growling and purring, Dylan’s voice a rasping and decayed husk of the nasal twang that had helped make him famous a few decades earlier. And after Portnoy, it remained a great performance. Dylan didn’t react to the interruption at all. He didn’t stop singing or playing, and as security pulled Portnoy away, Dylan merely glanced at him, bored. This was nothing to Dylan. Dylan had already seen everything."
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January 23, 2018 on Soy Bomb, ODB, Aretha, & The Craziest Grammys Ever: An Oral History Of The 1998 Grammys
not to defend Sam Smith who will likely say something jerkface-ish if ever confronted with this, but I will also point out that Lana Del Rey's "Get Free" suffers from the same "Creep" problem, more so even in that she cops the melody as well.
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November 3, 2017 on Hear The New Sam Smith Song That Rips Off Radiohead
urgh, only the second half of my comment posted. Does anyone recall a video that the band posted on Dead Air Space a few months early that had little edit pieces of stuff from what turned out to be In Rainbows?
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October 10, 2017 on In Rainbows Turns 10
If I recall correctly, it had little edit snips of "Down is the New Up," "Faust Arp," "Bangers and Mash," Jigsaw Falling Into Place," and and I think "Nude."
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October 10, 2017 on In Rainbows Turns 10
I run an indie dance party in Brooklyn. It's called Young Adult Friction. As for weddings, I tailor it to whatever the bride and groom likes, but most of my clients are people who want parties like YAF.
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March 10, 2017 on Sound Of Silver Turns 10