Brendan Fraser in Airheads was also real named Chester, but went with CHAZZ. He also played Dungeons and Dragons. Had a bug collection.
I would download MIDI versions of songs because I couldn't afford CDs and whoever made that Spiderwebs MIDI back in the day, good job. It's the definitive version in my book.
A Nookie of Bizki is the plural, I believe.
I remember this album being so severely uncool in middle school. One way ticket to dorktown if you liked Oasis. So I waited til much later before travelling to dorktown and, ta da, it's a very nice town. Still like Definitely, Maybe more though.
The ol symbiotic video bump. FJM is the clownfish, FoD is the sea anemone.
I always thought she was in the middle of watching the Cosmos and explaining it.
Feeling like a disc 3 of the 6-CD box set kind of nite!!!!
Yea, was hoping it was the same conference so I could go around asking people "are you.......meat?" Might still do it.
oooonnnnnnnneee ttwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooo thhhhhrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee marlenas
Yea, its my fav as well. Don't know what Chris is thinking calling "Late" inessential, it is very essential. May be the most essential.
There should be a rule that if you are banned in a country but are able to sneak in and show a private screening of Napolean Dynamite then the ban is lifted. Like capture the flag or something.
Heaters drop Gum Drop first on the 'gum. Nice.
Tom keeps writing the word "son" as "song" and, I gotta tell you, I love it.
Boots: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
"And if Mustard did sue, would he be leaving himself open for his own influences to sue him? Where does that end?" I believe it ends at the Marvin Gaye estate.
Ok, I'll bite. What'd he do that was bad?
Featuring Disney classics such as "A Whole New World" "It's a Small World" "In A World of My Own" and "Part of your World" from the Little World.
Get out of here, Toyota. We're a New Ford Focus family.
That's the happiest I've ever seen Count Jackula.
I can actually hear Thurston thinking "uh whatre you doing, dude" at the 2min mark.
How bout Drake for Eazy-E. He'll fit right at home rapping someone else's lyrics.
♫ Feeling like a fella on a lasso ♫
Love the improv by the recorder at 1:20. Camera in the way? (eats mentos) No problem, just zoom in.
I see you, guy on the facebook article who used LinkedIn Park. Those three thumbs up are mine now.
LinkedIn Park. Don't know what to do with this. But LinkedIn Park.
Need to know if he winked at camera when he said "fruitful discussions with Apple."
I had to google it, but his name is Ched Rencor.
Everyone's jsut havin one of those New Ford Focus kind of Friday.
oh boy do i love that header image. printing out a little under armoured DLR figurine for my desk.
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