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It would be awesomeif we, as an audience, would stop trying to second-guess which songs are about whom. People seem to do this with everyone from Taylor Swift to Nirvana to Carly Simon. It detracts from the song. It necessarily puts a cap on how you're able to invest yourself in the song. Ultimately, it dictates how much a song can meant to you. Why would anyone want to do that? So everybody chill the fuck out, stop worrying about whether this song or that song was about Zooey, and just sit back and listen. Try to just enjoy a piece of art for what it is. I guarantee you that's what Ben (most other songwriters) would want. Even possibly Taylor Swift (although I suspect she just enjoys being a vengeful harpy in her songs).
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October 16, 2012 on Deconstructing: Ben Gibbard And Why We Want Him To Be Miserable