This is, unsurprisingly, very good. I would point everyone to Chris Bear's performance as well, which is equally as incredible. The album he released as Fools on Music From Memory is one of this year's finest electronic releases for my money. Check it out if you haven't - the dude is so talented!
this and that Soul Blind compilation ( that was posted yesterday are both bringing me lots of joy
obligatory 'Is it just me or is 'Fetch The Bolt Cutters a terrible album?' comment. shoutouts to: medhane, fools, aoife nessa frances, charmer, gigi masin
Isaiah Rashad is criminally underrated as both an MC and an artist. The Sun's Tirade is as creative a rap album as any other in the past 5 years for my money. Good to have him back
love this, I am of the complete reverse opinion but maybe that is somewhat linked to nostalgia and memories I attach to 100%. What an artist though!
I would highly recommend spending time & multiple listens with the 100% mix, i haven't stopped listening since i came across it 6 years ago now. Dark Bliss and 200% are both also excellent.
Just want to bring people's attention towards Galcher Lustwerk's new album, 'Information', that is being released tomorrow. Galcher has one of the best releases of the decade (in his 100% Galcher mix), but has been incredibly influential including some absolute direct rip offs (Yaeji, Channel Tres) and very good non-vocal led electronic music (Road Hog, Studio OST). Listen to this album and I hope it gets some more attention than his previous releases!!!
reminds me*
this reminds of title fight; this is very good
I had similar thoughts, I think this feels like a conscious decision for the album's sound given how consistent it is across the album. I think if the drums/hard parts were higher in the mix it would likely go too far into power-pop-punk territory which (for all its merits) would definitely divert attention away from the quality of songwriting!
This is (another) bold step forward for this band. When I heard U.F.O.F for the first time, there were times when I thought I was listening to 'In Rainbows' demos (the biggest compliment I could pay) which was pretty mindblowing. This, however, is something completely different entirely. Jaw-droppingly good. It seems bizarre to compare this to even Radiohead because this is in its own separate universe. You can physically feel the energy they were channelling in the studio when recording this song and it really proves the power of a group of people coming together to make something far more substantial than the sum of the excellent parts that construct the song. What a statement from a band operating seemingly at the height of their powers (although this was said about U.F.O.F). Bring on the album.
Cranberry really had an almost mythical air about it, coming across as a standard indie rock album but revealing its depths and secrets over time. 'Easy' from last year really felt like a big step forward for this band and this feels like another. Safe to say I am very excited for this record.
i'll listen to the florist album twice in a row thank you very much
how the bloody hell does he do it
this song is cool also
it works it works!!!!!! my girlfriend just came right to my place for an afternoon of love making!!!!! wow!!!!!!!
can't believe this album hasn't had more attention - also cannot believe that any of the regelbau crew don't get more attention as they are making some of the finest electronic music around and have been consistently for the last two years
I like Channel Tres and his music, but I must admit it makes me feel confused + uncomfortable with his ability to have essentially ripped off someone off so obviously, mixed in a good publicist and then taking the credit.
not sure about this record as a whole but oh my is that beat on 'Boyer' something
wowowow the last two tracks on this are something else
as someone who really struggled with Currents when it came out (after being a massive fan of everything before), this is quite disappointing. It almost feels like an algorithmically generated version of a tame impala song optimised to be added to as many spotify "Summer '19" playlists as possible. Sometimes I feel like the only one that doesn't really get Tame Impala these days. Where are the comrades who thought 'Disciples' was the only good song on Currents?
disappointed not to see Medhane's Ba Suba, Ak Jamm on here tbh. One of my favourite rap releases this year
this was the best hip hop album of last year for my money
MIKE, Medhane, Mavi, Pink Siifu, Sixpress, Navy Blue along with Mach Hommy, Fahim etc get nowhere near the press they deserve. Ridiculous amounts of good music coming from there right now.
this has completely blown my mind! been a fan of his for a while, particulary this release
this is amazing - music for sax and bass is one of the best jazz records of the year
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