More interviews with casual Ned's Atomic Dustbin references, please.
Found the alt lyrics he started using a couple of years ago, which are about as good as you can do under the circumstances. "They say the times are changing And peace on earth has come to pass Although the war is raging They see each war will be the last Send the boys back to Enniskillen 'Cause a robot army does all the killing And the BBC will beg you to forgive us Choose a word or two and cut them out with scissors"
The AV Club (well, its parent company) is trying to force its workers to move from Chicago to LA, and advertising their positions before they've even declined. Fuck Jim Spanfeller's herb ass.
Honestly, Safran is mainly there so Australians can go "Oh shit! It's John Safran", but there's no real context beyond that. He's cut back on the prankz to write books about nazis and cigarette companies, but his past shenanigans include streaking through Jerusalem to prove God is a St Kilda fan... ...filming a pitch trailer about BMXing LDS evangelists (I'd watch the hell out of it if it was made)... ...and confronting a "respectable" gutter journalist at home with the same stitchup bullshit tactics said journalist's tabloid show uses.
He used to tell journalists he lost his (fake) first name in a poker match, which is as likely to be true as it was an amusing way to smartarse Richard Wilkins or whomever.
In Australia the cd single was discount-priced and came with a free shirt (the one with a floral logo that wrapped around the entire shirt), and everybody seemed to be wearing them for a bit regardless of their opinion of the band. Mine lasted a good decade or so as my go-to hair dying shirt.
The solo makes the song, specifically that one ridiculously loud note where (if my recollections of old Guitar Player back-issues are correct) he accidentally leant too close to the microphone. Shit figuratively and literally slaps.
SNL bonus beats is here, but non-embeddable.
Man I'm a sucker for old-timey exposition-laden titles like "Turns Out I’m Sentimental After All". Why isn't this a thing anymore? Get your fucken shit together, everyone but Sondre.
"One Foot in the Light" is lovely. Glad they're expanding from their garage-heavy roots (which are fun and all, but a little limiting) because they have some solid songwriting chops. Hercules/Iolaus is one of my favourite songs of the past decade.
I've been waiting to to shoehorn this somewhere for months. (Do tiktok embeds work? Link if they don't.)
Looking pretty Weaknd these days.
It's nice that The Primitives got paid, but I wouldn't go that far.
Credit where it's due, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "Truman Show" were pretty cool. Fuck his slapstick bullshit tho.
Honestly surprised it only went for half as much as Springsteen's, given Bowie touches a hell of a lot more demographics.
Someone discovering how far they'll go for a nice scarf.
Holy shit do I wanna slap whoever scanned that cover and uploaded it to all the streaming sites. It's one of my favourite bits of album art, and it's been damned to spend it's life on the internet stripped of the luridity that made it so fucking hilarious, and replaced with some washed out garbage.
After the Watershed > Ruby Tuesday.
Oh shit, that's a good catch. (RCA dog is called Nipper, btw. Yours sincerely, that fucken guy).
The film was honestly more related to a video game called "Five Nights at Freddie's" that they obviously couldn't get the rights to, so they just shoehorned in whatever they could. People have been having fun with the HB properties for a while; there's a really good comic series of reboots, the best of which uses Snagglepuss to examine McCarthyism.
The Banana Splits reboot was much better than it had the right to be, so if somebody gets the folks from that involved I'll be curious.
Nobody claims the industry has all the best tunes.
For the sake of argument we will assume that these are the actual lyrics, and not some shit I wildly misremembered.
"ballers keep a ballin" Primal Scream - "Rocks", 1994
Wrong Coltrane! This is never going to work if you keep splitting the vote
Julia Jacklin - "Baby Jesus is Nobody's Baby Now" Just Joans - "Card from a Multipack"
Except that band practice involves shrugging off fucken "All Things Must Pass" so you can continue pissing around with shit you wrote when you were 14 because you're struggling for decent new material.
People are way too sheepish about "because it's the one I heard first" being the reason an album's their favourite. I don't even think it's a money thing for me, I'm just an indignant jerk.
Aww man, this sucks. Nez was as talented as fuck in so many areas, and hands down my favourite Monkee. The quickness of his smartarsery in his Monkees audition is incredible. Fantastic singer, but I could listen to the guys speaking voice all day.
There's diminishing returns to their schtick, but they're pretty fun before it wears off. Never going to hate on a band whose singer wrote a song called "I Hope Scott Morrison's House Burns Down".
Album: Steady Holiday - Take the Corners Gently Song: Torres - Don't Go Putting Wishes in My Head
Somebody check David Byrne and Frankie Valley's alibis, stat.
Eleven. Fucking. Weeks. As someone that was too cool at the time to pay attention to the hit parade, I was still sick of the damn thing.
A lot of that Toytown techno was a lot more tolerable (which is, admittedly, a pretty low bar) than it had any right to be. I get Urban Hype's "Trip to Trumpton" stuck in my head a lot, and there's a lot worse earworms out there.
Always have a hell of a lot of time for Carter. Loved how they'd frequently pull out vaguely-related covers for their B-Sides, which in "Sheriff Fatman"'s case was a corker of a cover of Pet Shop Boys' "Rent".
Ellis-Bextor has some absolute bops. Her name really needs to come up more frequently in poptimist discussions.
Liz Morris is an absolutely incredible songwriter. The entire Allo Darlin catalogue is well worth checking out.
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