It's sweet they named their kid after a Bob Iver song
What joyless hacks are saying they're uncool??
'These guys are doing quarantine better than the rest of us.' Fuck off with that bullshit.
I've always been more of a Hood guy, dude's a beast of a songwriter.
Unless anyone disagrees with me I say Drive By Truckers have the worst dumb band name to great actual band ratio.
Leave the working class alone! LEAVE THEM ALONE!
My most favourite album of all. Goddamn I wish T.A would finally tour Australia:(
More Songs About Buildings And Elderly Women Behind The Counter In A Small Town
Things are really scary in Australia at the moment. Amazing move by Pink. Would that Rupert Murdoch, the human piece of garbage who got us into this mess, would make a similar donation.
RIP. Roxette were the first band I ever loved when I was year or so and they'll always hold a special place in my heart. Amazing popsmiths.
Song title seems on brand
The three piano notes at the end make this.
The greatest trick the devil every pulled was convincing people Banana bread was anything more than a fruited cake.
Dude partied so hard he looks like Skeletor
* Rodeo. Dammit
Top Ten- 10. Kiss Me Like You Mean It 9. Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side 8. (Crazy For You But) Not That Crazy 7. The Book Of Love 6. I Don't Want To Get Over You 5. A Pretty Girl Is Like 4. Papa Was A Video 3. Love Is Like A Bottle Of Gin 2. I Think I Need A New Heart 1. Grand Canyon
I guess it wasn't a lifetime commitment after all
Having an entire orchestra at your disposal and choosing to play Won't Get Fooled Again as an acoustic number is... an interesting choice.
Like No Place There Is is incredibly special to me, got me through a time of huge grief, plus it fucking rocks hard. Couldn't get in to Goodness and I figured it was because I didn't have the same connection to it. Should I give it another go?
You can't convince me that's not actually Sam Neil in that photo.
I don't know much, but I know that The Sunshine Underground has one of the best drops in the history of drop.
Right there with you mate, Blink 182 mega suck.
Australian here. Disparaging the Boot is a bootable offence.
Lil Nas X is going to ride this wave of success til he can't no more.
Dude's had the best hair in the game for 20 something years now. Respect.
Man I can't wait til Tom reviews this for The Number Ones. Should only be another three or four years right?
Huh. There's a ska band playing at Cochella in 2019. What a world.
Come to Australia already!
Holy crap I was hoping someone would post this! I bought this Sicko album on CD based purely on it's cover and loved it obsessively. I have never heard of them since or met another fan. Respect!