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DoomBird. They made a nice album last year. And what are they doing with it now? Nothing. That's why they garner little attention. They haven't earned it. The article is focusing on the folks who actually promote, tour, and participate in the larger musical universe outside of the 916. Adrian will get there. He tours. He's got the discipline down, he just needs to finish his next album and find a promoter who believes in him so he can build his fanbase beyond word of mouth and coffeehouse road gigs. Everyone in the article above has already done that. They hit the major markets, they do the showcases, and they win over the audiences. They are talented as hell, and should be damn proud of the effort they have put in so far. The recognition is well deserved. I do agree that deserves a shout out though. :-)
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November 12, 2011 on Area Codes: 916 – Sacramento, CA