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i had a similar experience to michael danahar a couple replies prior to mine..i think i was in second grade though. i was nervous that my mom would catch me watching the video for "Freedom." they were so organized and precise but they sounded so chaotic. and the video was so powerful to me at that age. i had never experienced rock music that had such a big message, or at least, had gone to such measures to get a message across. i thought to myself "how are they allowed to air this?!?! this is so obviously against mtv and the government(which i assume regulates mtv)!" rage laid the foundation for me to eventually develop an interest for bands like crass and subhumans and also hip hop groups like public enemy and dead prez. i grew up as an only-child in a redneck town in south florida and there was not much for a young introverted white kid to latch onto that was unique and powerful so i feel justified in being thankful for the impact RATM's first album. thanks for the article.
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November 10, 2012 on Rage Against The Machine Turns 20