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I don't trust any list like this without "But not tonight" in it...
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November 9, 2012 on The 10 Best Depeche Mode Songs
Well, a lawyer (as in any other "regular" job) has no fans and has to go to an office every single day, at least 9 to 5, do paperwork, deal with traffic and take shit from his boss... He's not living the dream of being famous world wide to the point someone trashes on the interwebz about how much money your second cousin has or how many islands he owns... It's fair to pay for the music we like, obviously, but i don't think artists should complain for not having a private jet to take their asses from gig to gig while preaching independence from evil money-making record labels...
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October 8, 2012 on Grizzly Bear Are Not Rich
It's the same woman, Michael Nelson. The woman flailing in the hallway is the ballet teacher...
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September 24, 2012 on Crystal Castles “Plague” Video
"Video not found"
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July 27, 2012 on Watch The xx Play Conan
And the Record for the shortest Jack White's tantrum goes to...
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May 17, 2012 on Guinness Book Responds To Jack White
Damon must be really pissed. This is even worse than having a Glee cover.
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July 7, 2011 on Miley Cyrus Covers Gorillaz
Seriously? It even sounds like a hoax...
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February 5, 2011 on The Strokes “Under Cover Of Darkness” Preview