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This is actually quite a lot better than I expected. Cautiously optimistic about the album now.
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April 5, 2013 on Cannibal Ox – “Gotham”
Living proof, that sometimes friends are mean.
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March 4, 2013 on James Murphy Suing DFA Records Co-Founder
No idea why, but I would just ignore Ian Cohen. He's less a music critic and more of a hatchet man for when they want to take an artist down a peg. Case in point, his review of the new Villagers album, where he accused Conor O'Brien of trying to assert authenticity by dint of an Irish accent, as opposed to simply singing in the accent you'd expect from someone from North Dublin
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January 16, 2013 on Meyhem Lauren – “The Laurenovich Angle (Fuck Pitchfork)”
I suppose this was likely to happen eventually. For what it's worth, I think Haze is the better rapper, and she's been on a streak for a while now.
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January 3, 2013 on Angel Haze – “On The Edge” (Azealia Banks Dis)
I'd probably call best verse for Danny Brown going by how unhinged he gets near the end, even by his standards. But this is just fucking incredible. Nary a dull verse.
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December 18, 2012 on A$AP Rocky – “1Train” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T.)
Find myself agreeing with every call here (Call Me Maybe still rules) and the order too, more-or-less. Good work guys. And hon the 'droids.
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December 10, 2012 on The Gummy Awards: Your Top 20 Tracks Of 2012
I'm a pretty awful sight-reader, but Beck's one of my musical heros and as a ukuelist I appreciate how accomodating the whole thing is, so I'd be glad to take a punt on this.
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December 7, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: Beck Song Reader
I'd like if new material were to surface, but I don't know if CanOx sans El-P will be worth hearing. Can't even imagine Vast and Vordul without El's beats underneath. Different story for someone like Aesop, who sorta did his own thing, beats-wise. Still, I'll take this news.
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November 14, 2012 on Cannibal Ox Announce Reunion Show
Porygon is a hell of a Pokemon
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October 26, 2012 on Lil Wayne Hospitalized After In-Flight Seizure
I wouldn't call him a saviour, but like Frank Ocean's Channel Orange did with r'n'b , he's given the genre's new underground a genuine star who crossed over into the mainstream whilst retaining and building on his critical acclaim.
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October 23, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Kendrick Lamar Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City
The Replacements' Let It Be and Jay-Z's The Blueprint.
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October 17, 2012 on Questlove To Teach Classic Albums Course At NYU
J.D. Salinger is gonna be pissed.
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August 28, 2012 on Decemberists, Tom Waits To Appear On The Simpsons
I saw a number of bands I enjoyed on the list and figured it would interesting to hear a different perspective on them, but that was exceptionally poorly written.
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August 24, 2012 on LA Weekly’s 20 Worst Hipster Bands
If you have to say it's breezy, you negate the breeziness.
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May 17, 2012 on Curren$y – “Capitol” (Feat. 2 Chainz) (Stereogum Premiere)
In that case I'll get it August 31st, since for some weird, unexplained reason, records are released here in Ireland the Friday before the rest of the world gets it. It's a moot point, since it'll probably leak in mid-August anyway, but hey, we're number one!
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May 14, 2012 on Animal Collective Centipede Hz LP Out In September
Their fans for whatever reason have a reputation for being at the more obnoxious end of the hipster spectrum. Whether that's true or not, I don't know. I've never spoken to anyone in depth about them since I'm a casual listener at best, and they do tend do inspire devotion, which is usually a sign you're doing something right.
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May 14, 2012 on Animal Collective Centipede Hz LP Out In September
Even in his mid-forties, and battling cancer, he just seemed so youthful and energetic. You don't think about people like him dying. We lost a legend, and a good man.
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May 4, 2012 on R.I.P. Adam Yauch
He's basically rap's Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec, but nowhere near as awesome as that sounds.
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May 2, 2012 on Kanye West – “I Don’t Like” Remix (Feat. Chief Keef, Pusha T, Jadakiss & Big Sean)
You were going to try to be productive today. Baby steps.
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April 27, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: Best Coast The Only Place
I'm not going to pretend that this isn't the greatest thing ever to avoid judgement. It's incredible.
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April 26, 2012 on Tumblr Of The Day: Bon Iver Erotica
Merry summer, everyone.
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March 26, 2012 on Best Coast – “The Only Place”
The limo-and-pimp business is for when he rolls with Yeezy. He's his usual reserved self during the day job.
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February 27, 2012 on Bon Iver – “Towers” Video
The lack of a Louis CK acceptance monologue will be the death of us. Kudos to Justin though.
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February 12, 2012 on Grammys 2012 Comment Party!!
I'm glad Justin and ?uestlove were able to settle their differences through the medium of slow jams.
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February 9, 2012 on Watch Justin Vernon Play “Perth” With The Roots