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I don't think the author has any familiarity with cluster headaches, or else he wouldn't have tried to lampoon a sufferer with puns
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February 2, 2017 on Bad Brains Singer Needs Brain Surgery
so stereogum, here's a tip: don't use slideshows! put it all on one page! well-ah! honestly having to click and load for each entry is bullshit, FACT does this and it's obnoxious.
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June 26, 2012 on The Top 20 Albums We’ve Been Waiting For Forever
I'm I the only one who finds this column really irritating? It all reads as explicitly self-aggrandizing bullshit. I don't need artists' aesthetics explained to me much less picked apart for an experience that amounts to a cynic articulating elaborately as he can why you shouldn't like something. NEGNEG
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March 14, 2012 on Deconstructing: School Of Seven Bells