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It's just surprising is all!
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February 20, 2013 on Bonnaroo 2013 Lineup
I love variety as much as the next guy, but there is a thing as too much. Nas, ZZ Top, Beach House, Macklemore and Cat Power all next to each other. Never thought I'd see the day...
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February 19, 2013 on Bonnaroo 2013 Lineup
Oh right, the Grammys... Too bad my iPod and record player are on at the exact same time. Oh well, maybe next year.
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February 10, 2013 on Grammys 2013 Comment Party
After looking at past lists, I see that I am wrong, and that this has happened before. Shame on you, MJ, for not doing your research.
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January 23, 2013 on Darkthrone Albums From Worst To Best
What, Stereogum, placing a bands most beloved album first on their list? The Mayan Apocalypse HAS occurred!
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January 23, 2013 on Darkthrone Albums From Worst To Best
Does Deathspell Omega's EP count as an album?
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December 10, 2012 on Stereogum’s Top 40 Metal Albums Of 2012
As someone who was a part of the conversation that occurred when they broke up, I can say that that was not at all the conversation, and I suggest you read it again. Just because some of us (including me) expected it to be different then Girls, does not mean that it cannot have some similarities to them.
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November 11, 2012 on Christopher Owens Announces Debut Solo Album Lysandre
This isn't a rock opera, but In The Aeroplane Over The Sea might turn out to be some experimental masterpiece, but it might work better as a film.
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November 8, 2012 on Top 10 Rock Operas That Deserve A Stage Adaptation
Is that the "Odessey and Oracle" Zombies? Or someone else?
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November 8, 2012 on SXSW 2013 Initial Lineup Announced: Thurston Moore, Alt-J, Marnie Stern, More
What...?? No tracks from Squeeze? What a total and utter surprise!!
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October 24, 2012 on The 10 Best Velvet Underground Songs
I swore that guy from American Idol wrote it... or was it k.d. lang?
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October 20, 2012 on The 10 Best Leonard Cohen Songs
Just noticed that you can still see some pubes, despite the censor bar.
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October 5, 2012 on Mixtape Of The Week: Death Grips NO LOVE DEEP WEB
An act of rebellion could be perceived and have the same effect as a publicity stunt, but a publicity stunt's goal is usually for publicity, while the rebellion's goal is "FUCK YOU (insert corporation here)"
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October 3, 2012 on Deconstructing: Death Grips’ NO LOVE DEEP WEB: Act Of Rebellion Or Publicity Stunt?
I can respect your opinion. I definatly disagree with it, but I respect it.
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October 2, 2012 on Justin Vernon: Bon Iver Is “Winding Down”
I disagree. My favourite song by them is In Bloom.
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September 29, 2012 on Dirt Turns 20
You might want to hear what a little boy sounds like before you make judgements like that. Because if all the little boys your in contact with sing like that.... I want to meet them!
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September 26, 2012 on The Killers On The Virtues Of Being Uncool And The Struggles Behind Battle Born
I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I feel like they're losing some of their punk and gaining lots of indie rock. The Monitor may have had an indie influence, but at the end of the day, it was a punk record. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the track and the lyrics were sweet, but this wasn't what I was expecting from the band that made "A Pot in Which To Piss."
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September 20, 2012 on Titus Andronicus – “In A Big City”
I think dirty should be higher than goo, in my opinion.
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September 6, 2012 on Sonic Youth Albums From Worst To Best
Ah, the good ol' days... Back when fun. was unknown and not terrible...
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August 24, 2012 on LA Weekly’s 20 Worst Hipster Bands
I have been learning an instrument: the drums. I'm screwed.
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August 9, 2012 on New Beck Album Song Reader Only Available As Sheet Music
You can't just say that and leave us hanging!!
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August 4, 2012 on Grizzly Bear – “Yet Again”
Is there a Most Disappointing Sophomore Album award that Fun. can win?
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August 1, 2012 on MTV VMA Nominations 2012
That bottom photo of the cat with the 6 arms is the second scariest photo I've seen in a long time. The first is up a bit on this page.
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July 23, 2012 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
Album definitely is as you described, but FSHG features a full rock lineup, among other things. In my mind, an Owens solo album might be more acoustic, and if not acoustic, a bit more stripped down then a girls album. Oh yeah, and it would be awesome!
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July 2, 2012 on Christopher Owens Quits Girls
Well, this may mean a solo album from him, which I would love to hear. Not as much as another Girls album though.
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July 2, 2012 on Christopher Owens Quits Girls