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I could swear "You Can Call me Al" was a huge number one in 1987, but it turns out it only reached #23. That's really hard to believe.
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August 23, 2019 on The Number Ones: Paul Simon’s “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover”
I sincerely thought by the headline that a band called Plague Outbreak was planning to start an annual Phish festival. The reality is a bit less horrifying.
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August 20, 2019 on Plague Outbreak Threatens Annual Phish Event
Fun fact: He was Duran Duran's original singer.
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August 9, 2019 on The Lilac Time – “Return To Us”
I'm choosing to believe that my comment's appearance in the Top 5 of the lowest rated as confirmation that the smart people that frequent site appreciated its cleverness.
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August 2, 2019 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
Glad to see they're now walking on the sidewalk of Ventura Blvd. instead of right down the middle of the street. Much safer!
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July 31, 2019 on Haim – “Summer Girl” Video (Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
To be fair, he was accurately pointing out that the album failed commercially, not that it was crap in general. I just wish it hadn't been so.
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July 30, 2019 on Semisonic Prep First New Album In 18 Years, Thanks To Liam Gallagher
This comment is hidden as it has many downvotes. Click here to show it. Never mind. Despacito was better.
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July 29, 2019 on “Old Town Road” Breaks Record For Most Weeks At #1
All About Chemistry was a criminally overlooked album. They should not have been a one-hit wonder.
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July 29, 2019 on Semisonic Prep First New Album In 18 Years, Thanks To Liam Gallagher
This whole comment thread should be about how "If You Leave" by OMD received a 10, and how correct that is.
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May 8, 2019 on The Number Ones: The Love Unlimited Orchestra’s “Love’s Theme”
Does anyone remember 853-5937 by Squeeze?
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April 4, 2019 on It Might Be Time To Hang Up On Khalid
As much as I appreciate this album, I wish they'd combined the best songs of their very-good two final albums into one great last album, leaving out the weaker songs from both albums. (I feel one of XTC's flaws was in constantly overloading their albums with too many songs, making them feel bulky. Skylarking was a perfect example of what could happen when they avoided that tendency.) I made a Spotify playlist of my idea of the perfect final XTC album: Apple Star Wasp Venus. Playground Stupidly Happy Easter Theatre In Another Life Knights in Shining Karma Green Man Your Dictionary We're All Light I'd Like That I Can't Own Her Church of Women Harvest Festival The Wheel and the Maypole Thirteen songs is still a lot, but they're all fantastic.
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February 15, 2019 on Apple Venus Volume 1 Turns 20
If there's anything in the world anymore that's truly good and beautiful, it's this band and their music.
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May 31, 2018 on The Innocence Mission – “Look Out From Your Window”