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PWR BTTM is awesome! Their stage banter alone makes them worth seeing. The music is pretty simple but very catchy with a rather positive message that basically makes the whole package entirely worth it.
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March 14, 2016 on SXSW Band To Watch: PWR BTTM
Guess we hadn't seen nothin' yet.
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March 12, 2016 on White Denim – “Had 2 Know (Personal)”
I'm sorry, but this is no War on Drugs/Mark Kozelek feud. Move Along.
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September 14, 2015 on Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Says Jack White Tried To Fight Him Last Night
Today is just killing it with premiers. Hooded Menace. Vhöl. Tsjuder. It's like a mid month mini Black Market.
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September 9, 2015 on Hooded Menace – “Elysium Of Dripping Death” (Stereogum Premiere)
Today is just killing it with premiers. This. Vhöl.
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September 9, 2015 on Hooded Menace – “Elysium Of Dripping Death” (Stereogum Premiere)
I first listened to Death Cab when they I found out they were touring with Ben Kweller. It was about 6 months or so after Transatlanticism came out. I somehow got one of my mom's friends to take me to the show because I was in 8th grade at the time. I was super stoked for Ben Kweller, but DCfC just grabbed me in a way that I had never really felt before. I loved the details in the lyrics, but as an 8th grader, some of the themes in Transatlanticism were over my head (That changed over time). But at that show I bought the Photo Album and that ended up resonating with me on a completely different level. Between sharing the gamut of emotions "Styrofoam Plates" to "We Laughed Indoors", it was just right. When Plans came out, I was more neutral on it. I've never related to it as well as Transatlanticism or The Photo Album because the lyrics felt more vague. I think I checked out because of it, or maybe I had just moved on. I remember liking "Crooked Teeth" more for the sound, but I don't remember what the song is about, much less most of the album. "I Will Follow..." is the exception on this album because that song is transcendent. Anyways, just my two cents. The Photo Album is still the winner to me and I think people should take another listen (or a first).
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August 28, 2015 on Plans Turns 10
I wish my chorus pedal would sound half as good.
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July 31, 2015 on Here’s That 1,000-Person Italian Foo Fighters Cover Band In Action
I don't know, maybe they just got hurt.
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July 29, 2015 on The Gaslight Anthem Announce Indefinite Hiatus
More tropical depression than storm. I guess to the smart people, it would be a tropical funny.
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July 10, 2015 on Morrissey Disses Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith
Let's just add it as a layer of complexity to the betting pool. I'm gonna go 8.2 and 2nd slot.
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June 9, 2015 on Stream High On Fire Luminiferous
Sorry to be pedantic, but this is studio album #7. Though, they never did review Art of Self Defense (or the re-issue, which I find slightly surprising). HoF is pretty much my favorite band, period. I agree with you about pairing down to their most elemental form, but I like how they seem to add something new here and there so every record doesn't feel exactly the same. That being said, I kind of feel that it does get repetitive to a point until "The Cave" changes it up. I really wish that song were like the 5th song to really break it up more and make the last half of the record feel fresher. That song is just a great slow down and refresh yourself moment at the start then comes in and kicks your ass. It's probably my favorite song on the record. (I've listened the same 3 times.) If we were to start a betting pool for what pitchfork gives this, I would go with 8.2. Nice and high, but just low enough that they don't have to give it "Best New Music." At least, that seems to be their M.O. with metal these days.
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June 8, 2015 on Stream High On Fire Luminiferous
Hopscotch is one of the best, for sure.
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May 19, 2015 on Hopscotch 2015 Lineup
The day I can walk into Starbucks and hear a High on Fire song is the day I will be satisfied with this program.
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May 19, 2015 on Thanks To Spotify, Starbucks Baristas Will Now DJ For You Instead Of Talking About Racism
I just like my money more than I like blindly spending $10-20 a month on a service with limited content.
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April 26, 2015 on Jay Z Defends Tidal On Twitter
Gonna have to try that High on Fire radio station.
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April 15, 2015 on Steve Albini Weighs In On Tidal Debate
Don't forget how they're putting little labels out of business by backing up their record orders for months on end for a stupid promotional day rather than letting the little guy get the stock that they need in order to actually put out that record by the small band and actually make a profit. *gets off soap box*
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April 14, 2015 on Third Man Details Extensive Record Store Day 2015 Plans
I had the same initial reaction to this album as the last one, which was at first underwhelming, but recognizing that there were some really good things going on. Then they both kind of grew on me as I started to relate to the records more and more and putting myself in that headspace. What makes Waxahatchee really good to me is that I don't relate all that well to what she's singing about, but she makes it really easy to understand and relate. (The Mountain Goats do this very well, too.) And the music is just different enough from your normal guitar bass drums setup that it catches your attention because of the bare bones structure that makes it apparent that there was more thought put into it than just thinking about a chord progression.
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April 7, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Waxahatchee Ivy Tripp
Contrast the Mountain Goat's very positive 6.6 to the very negative 6.4 that they gave to Liturgy. It also reminds me of the time they panned a Ted Leo record and then said, "Well, this is still so much better than anything else, so I guess we have to give it a 7.0." They should really just get rid of the numbers. I get it, though, the numbers are a way to get more site traffic so people can just be lazy and not even read the reviews. What I'm really saying is thanks for writing reviews that actually force us to read and think rather than be lazy.
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April 7, 2015 on Album Of The Week: Waxahatchee Ivy Tripp
I mean, have you looked at the artwork for the last couple albums? And the live album announced today? It's just par for the course. I mean, the cover for "I'm your man" is a picture of Leonard Cohen holding a banana!
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March 18, 2015 on Leonard Cohen – “Never Gave Nobody Trouble”
I'm now going to fear every flight I have to take to and from Nashville. Thanks, Southwest.
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March 13, 2015 on Innocent Southwest Air Passengers Subjected To Flash Lifehouse Concert
I was wondering about that wrt "Word Crimes", as well. My guess is that it's kind of like a chain. Weird Al pays Pharrell whatever they agreed on and that's just part of Pharrell's earnings.
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March 13, 2015 on Marvin Gaye’s Family Thinks Pharrell Ripped Them Off On “Happy,” Too
I feel like with the internet the way it is, you have to be prepared that something like this could in fact happen, no matter how small the chances. Furthermore, I fail to see how you could expect a symbol for one of the most recognizable figures in the world and expect no one to know what it is.
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March 12, 2015 on Portland Metal Band Is Pissed That Kanye’s Using The Same 800-Year-Old Religious Symbol As Them
I lasted about 15 seconds before I turned it off. In the words of Michael Bluth, "I don't know what I expected."
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March 9, 2015 on Mumford & Sons – “Believe”
Turns out his gig as the left shark didn't work out so well.
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February 27, 2015 on Kid Rock Doesn’t Get Beyoncé: Where’s Her “Sweet Home Alabama”?
I mean, in my opinion, no one is ever going to beat the sound of vinyl (say an original press of Harvest) being pumped through an all tube stereo with some high quality speakers. Hell, even terrestrial radio sounds good that way.
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January 30, 2015 on It Sure Seems Like Neil Young’s Pono Player Is Bullshit