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When the pipe organ comes in at 1:55 thooooo......
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January 19, 2017 on Arcade Fire – “I Give You Power” (Feat. Mavis Staples)
Pardon me, "Mudhoney OR Screaming Trees song" is what I meant to say.... was still pre-occupied with the pool of vomit I'm sitting in.
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July 23, 2015 on Watch Big Brother’s Ridiculous Grunge-Themed Competition
Is there even any chance that any single one of these houseguests has ever heard a Mudhoney Screaming Treas song?
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July 23, 2015 on Watch Big Brother’s Ridiculous Grunge-Themed Competition
You're cheating yourself... Take Offs and Execution are two of the best indie albums out there. The Voyager sounds great after just one listen but I prefer her cute (Rilo Kiley) voice to her grown-up sexy (solo) voice, personally.
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July 29, 2014 on Album Of The Week: Jenny Lewis The Voyager
So I used to be a designer for the parent company of Stereogum and had a hand in designing this here site and can't tell you how stoked I was to read this first interview on a blog I consider to be one of "ours". I feel weirdly proud in a way, but mostly just so excited to have read such a well executed interview about one of my favorite bands. The chemistry between Nina and Louise is palpable. It's what made Veruca Salt explode in the 90's, it's what's kept weirdos like me hanging on all this time, and it's what will sell out every club and record store in 2014. See you guys at the Roxy.
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April 23, 2014 on Q&A: Veruca Salt’s First Joint Interview In 17 Years + “The Museum Of Broken Relationships” Video (Stereogum Premiere)
I love her but this is like The Walking Dead on acid.
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June 11, 2012 on Fiona Apple – “Every Single Night” Video
YESSSSS to the jumpsuit AND the robot voice.
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May 23, 2012 on Watch Garbage Play Fallon
Also how is she still SO hot??
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January 30, 2012 on Garbage Not Your Kind Of People Details, Tour
Pulp. Mazzy Star.
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January 9, 2012 on Coachella 2012 Lineup
One of the best thing my ears have heard in a long, long time.
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October 26, 2011 on Mazzy Star – “Common Burn”
I need this for 90-97 and my life would be complete.
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February 23, 2011 on Every #1 Song Until 1992, Five Seconds At A Time
gross... they raped an original song just like they raped the font in that stretched out Bing logo.
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February 2, 2011 on Microsoft Blatantly Rips Off Arcade Fire
Agreed - We Have The Facts is their best work as far as I'm concerned and they've seemed to slowly but steadily go downhill from there. Transatlanticism was very good, Plans was ok, Narrow Stars not so great. I actually got really excited about Narrow Stairs at first with the pre-release of the 8 minute version of I Will Possess Your Heart. I thought, wow they might be trying something different here, and thought it was pretty ballsy to release an 8 minute song as a single. Then soon after it got the radio edit job, the album came out and it was sucksville. I remember seeing them a bunch of times in 2001 during a residency at the Troubador in LA - even at half capacity in a tiny club they blew my mind thousands of times harder than they will ever be able to in an arena.
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December 28, 2010 on Progress Report: Death Cab For Cutie