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Utter disappointment. I was SERIOUSLY hyped about this - I still frequent Silent Shout. But this records is a little to avant garde for me. I think what disappoints me most is the lack of any discernible melody. In over 90 minutes, there isn't ONE hook. Throw me a bone, Dreijers! When "Full of Fire" was released, I though, "Wow, this is really aggressive, but I can dig it." Then "A Tooth for An Eye" was released, and I started to really get excited - that was more like The Knife that I knew, but it was still different. But that's about it - this record is front-loaded and severely peters out after that. And sticking a 20-minute ambient piece in the middle? ANY momentum the record had up to that point was lost in that muddle.
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April 3, 2013 on The Knife Shaking The Habitual Comment Party