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Radiohead barely cracks the top 40, Madonna barely makes it into the top 20, and Michael Jackson is at #3? First off, Michael Jackson has to be about one of the most overrated artists of all time. His career with the Jackson 5 was certainly impressive, and his solo career for a FEW YEARS was stellar...but his career started faltering with the Dangerous album as his videos and music were beginning to have less and less of an impact on pop culture. His albums thereafter were a total mess. HIStory? Yawn. It didn't even do well commercially. Invincible? That was even more of a commercial and artistic disaster than HIStory. His career had been very weak for going on two decades by the time of his untimetely death. "This Is It" was touted as a return to form, the problem is, none of us got to see it and it was a one-city show, it wasn't any sort of full blown tour which would've been expected of an artist like him...especially a "greatest" artist. Michael Jackson accomplished a lot during his career, but he peaked commercially and artistically around 1991 or so, and his last 15+ years in his career was pretty weak overall. Yet, he places at #3? Overrated as usual, especially due to his death. However, you then have living legends like Madonna and Radiohead, who've both been going strong for over two decades (Radiohead slightly less), have consistently put out material that leaves an impact on music, and you have someone like Madonna who's touring success is unmatched as a female/solo artist (even doing better than MJ), and you have them at such low numbers? Who the heck put together this list? Sheesh.
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September 8, 2010 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time