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Dude, I know. Here's to hoping there's a book tour too!
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November 20, 2015 on Jeff Tweedy Writing “Funny, Disarming” Memoir
I get the Bjork comparisons. I think it's more about them being more 'spiritually' connected than in practice. They both, in my mind, create very visceral, emotional experimental music, and have complete control over their mutual sonic landscapes. They're ideological sisters.
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October 20, 2015 on Premature Evaluation: Joanna Newsom Divers
If Lauren Mayberry was a man, no one would be questioning her authority to say how she wanted to be treated while performing.
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October 3, 2015 on Watch Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry Put Marriage Proposing Fan In His Place
I've seen way too many comments like that for this website. Like, the ONLY possible reason Adams did this was to get laid or he's getting laid. He couldn't possibly respect her or her work. Yep, there's nothing misogynistic about that at all.
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September 21, 2015 on Stream Ryan Adams 1989
Does anyone else think his version of 'Out of the Woods' has a Replacements' 'Here Comes A Regular' vibe to it?
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September 21, 2015 on Stream Ryan Adams 1989
I agree with Redacted. Her comments on sexuality are great, but that doesn't give her a free pass on the cultural appropriation/racism. And if she's going to call out people for things she deems wrong, she should be open to criticism herself.
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August 30, 2015 on VMAs 2015: Comment Party
That sounds exactly like when people told Lauren Mayberry she should just accept misogynistic online comments because they happen all the time. Mayberry doesn't have to accept that BS, and nor does any person who is performing on stage have to accept the possibility of being grabbed/assaulted/attacked/whatever.
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August 5, 2015 on Grabby Fan Terrifies Taylor Swift On Concert Catwalk
I think this album is great. 'You Satellite' is my favorite, love the Dylan vibes on 'The Joke Explained', and 'Random Name Generator' is just a cool song. They haven't sounded this tight is quite some time. I agree with anyone who think this has Summerteeth vibes. I also love how this sounds like a band who was fucking around in the studio, made some songs, and was just like "let's just put this out. Done'. You can never underestimate Jeff Tweedy.
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July 17, 2015 on Premature Evaluation: Wilco Star Wars
I love the name 'Pickled Ginger'. I also love how that song was what Tweedy played on Parks & Rec.
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July 17, 2015 on Download Wilco’s Surprise New Album Star Wars
Admittedly I have not listened to Krautrock. I've listened to a little shoegaze. I like Lush! But I can tell what that woman is singing. Here, not so much...
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May 2, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Lower Dens Nootropics
I don't get why indie blogs are all about celebrating music they rightly admit "I have no idea what she's saying most of the time". Are indie musicians becoming so obsessed with trying to remain in their insular world, that everything has to be unintelligible now? It's like the more mainstream "indie" gets the more garbled the vocals becomes on every fucking song. If you can actually sing, we should be able to fucking hear it.
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May 2, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Lower Dens Nootropics
They're simply feelings she has. She never referenced any direct interview/communication with the band other than from afar. She BELIEVES they're are authentic, but that's not an intellectual argument.
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March 12, 2012 on Deconstructing: Sleigh Bells
It's not Deconstructing because nothing is being deconstructed (in any sense of that word). And it's barely about the music itself. This article is about the perception of the artists themselves, but instead of "deconstructing" that, she's just saying "I know people don't like them, but I do." I think it's kind of nice that she's not being a hater, but this segment should just be called "This is how I feel about ____".
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March 9, 2012 on Deconstructing: Sleigh Bells
I think that's very well said. Now I'm sure someone will turn it into a new genre.
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March 8, 2012 on Bradford Cox Covers “My Sharona” For An Hour In Concert
Thank you! I didn't know he was on twitter. Sweet!
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December 28, 2011 on The 50+ Most Anticipated Albums Of 2012
What do you know about a follow-up Ramona Falls album? I've been dying for any sort of news. Thanks for the heads up about Laura, really dig her a lot.
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December 23, 2011 on The 50+ Most Anticipated Albums Of 2012
This is the smartest comment ever made about Lana Del Rey.
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October 26, 2011 on Lana Del Rey Speaks!
So is she not dating Samberg anymore? What's going on here?
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October 19, 2011 on Watch Joanna Newsom & Robin Pecknold Armwrestle
My birthday is on Saturday, and so far in the past week I've seen St. Vincent, met Todd Haynes, been wasted already, and now the effin Stone Roses are getting back together. BEST BIRTHDAY WEEK EVER!
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October 19, 2011 on The Stone Roses Reunite
First of all, IT'S BULLSHIT for someone to reply to every single negative comment about a band by exclaiming you're not allowed to dislike something because you're not in a band. So unless everyone agrees with you we're not allowed to have an opinion? Your comments would be awesome if they weren't so ridiculously condescending and self-righteous. Second of all, seeing as how every Coldplay post on here always gets the most comments, COLDPLAY HAS WON.
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September 16, 2011 on Coldplay – “Paradise”
You can stream the album now on NPR...FYI
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September 5, 2011 on Premature Evaluation: St. Vincent Strange Mercy
While the comment about "horror movie notion of something appearing as totally pleasant" is an awesome way to describe her music, I think that the opposite side to that is the artificiality that Annie shows with her characters (on Actor/in her videos). I don't think that means she's lacking any heart or real emotion, I think it's just how sees human interaction. For me, it makes her music all the more visceral for it because she is very much trying to get beyond the appearance something; to whatever is lurking deep down. My Brightest Diamond and Bjork do the same thing. I think she's just fascinated by the roles people play, and the expectations of those roles, which to in her mind seems to cause an almost violent reaction in us (in my opinion anyway), though the characters seem to lack the will to do anything. Like, everyone is always at someone's mercy. So combining this sense of an almost complete complacency with a violent reactionary side, I think you've got something very strange indeed.
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September 2, 2011 on Premature Evaluation: St. Vincent Strange Mercy