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nicki minaj is op young money pls nerf
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April 12, 2018 on Nicki Minaj – “Barbie Tingz” & “Chun-Li”
You goddamn Europeans always playing the "I was born and raised under a fascist dictatorship that tortured my father in prison three times during his life" card
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May 13, 2016 on Twitter Suspends Azealia Banks’ Account
"There was also Neil Portnow presiding over a 12-year-old boy playing jazz piano because NARAS delights to see today’s youths indoctrinated in the dying sounds of yesteryear." yo I agree with everything you said, but are you really gonna shit on a kid who's actually learned to play an instrument?
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February 16, 2016 on The Grammys, As It Turns Out, Are Still The Grammys
Ha. Literally everyone that talks to me about the classic rap station we have here has been white. I mean i'm okay with that, it's just sort of hilarious when my early20something year old friends wax nostalgically about Black Sheep when I know for a fact that a lot of these dudes' first rap experience was Ludacris's Chicken-n-Beer or something.
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June 17, 2015 on Status Ain’t Hood: Classic Rap Radio Is The Best Shit Ever
Yeah that's probably true. It was really funny. I only ever watched re-runs on BET when I was a kid. Not to mention that Grace Jones skit actually introduced me to Grace Jones.
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June 1, 2015 on Premature Evaluation: Sun Kil Moon Universal Themes
I should probably clarify that I meant Benji was a fluke in the sense that it was strange that I actually liked it, since "48-year-old sad white man folk rock" is literally the furthest thing from what I ever want to listen to.
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June 1, 2015 on Premature Evaluation: Sun Kil Moon Universal Themes
Benji was the only Kozelek output that I ever spent any real time with, and I'm glad I did. However, going back and listening to RHP and other SKM stuff, Benji may have been a fantastic fluke. Not saying the dude can't write good music, but there's only so much choked-up rambling a guy can take. I want to listen to Universal Themes, but it'll be awhile before I feel like I should. also nice In Living Color reference there Tom; you'd be a great contestant on I Know Black People.
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June 1, 2015 on Premature Evaluation: Sun Kil Moon Universal Themes
man look: Rappers are always rapping about sexist and misogynistic stuff. The fact that it's just accepted that "bitches" are property you can buy with fame and money proves that no one is actually scrutinizing rap music as hard as they are literally every other kind of art and media. Rap music has always gotten a break from being offensive towards women because it's not *explicitly* offensive towards women. And that's weird as fuck! Like if I was a woman, it'd be hard for me to listen to a bunch of dudes refer to me as a bitch. Something to steal from another guy. But we're all good with that. But rape? That's crossing a line. Why? Isn't all misogyny crossing a line? I mean I know for a fact that some of the same folks who call for people like Rick Ross's and RHQ's careers over their rapey bars love Danny Brown, a dude who once rapped "so no apologies for all the misogyny." where y'all gonna stand on this issue? can't be in the middle.
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May 22, 2015 on Rich Homie Quan On His Rape Song: “If You Listen, It’s Just Good Music”
you crazy for this one marina
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May 19, 2015 on Marina Abramović Is Very Pissed At Jay Z
bruh i literally just walked out of the theater. it was great. also -- how does one go about joining the gummer's spotify mix?
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May 16, 2015 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
"but somehow the internet (myself included) only collectively realized exactly what Rich Homie was saying today." ...but the song leaked back in December? Like how did you just miss one of your rap heroes drop a line about rape?
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May 13, 2015 on Rich Homie Quan Raps About Raping Somebody, Offers Feeble Apology
I think it's great that kid takes an interest in music but any kid who takes his or her middle school band classes seriously could do that. Just saying.
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April 24, 2015 on Kanye West Performs At Time 100 Gala, Is Not Amused By Amy Schumer
I forgot to mention it was being pronounced "deev".
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April 24, 2015 on DIIV Announce New Album Is The Is Are
everytime I think about DIIV, I'm reminded of a conversation I overheard at Bonnaroo '13 "ooh I love these guys! Who are they?" "I think it's Earl Sweatshirt." "Nah, this is DIIV." (Earl had cancelled) "But the schedule says Earl Sweatshirt." "Trust me, this is DIIV. Earl is a rapper." "But they aren't rapping!" "Because this isn't Earl Sweatshirt!" "ugh whatever"
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April 23, 2015 on DIIV Announce New Album Is The Is Are
Yeah. Honestly 70% of the reason I come here is to read the ridiculous shit Tom writes. The other 30 is you guys <3.
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April 16, 2015 on Mumford & Sons Frontman Learning How To “Chop Up Beats” For New Hip-Hop Project
It's that Guitar Center post all over again!
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April 12, 2015 on Mumford & Sons’ Guitarist Is Trying To Become A Comedian
"Pet Sounds" isn't overrated, but it's def some cracker shit.
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April 10, 2015 on Brian Wilson Has Never Heard Of Punk Rock
That album cover has not aged well. Whoa.
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April 7, 2015 on Jay Z Pulls Reasonable Doubt Off Spotify
expected to reveal this comment and it be something like "Frank Ocean makes cool music and Channel Orange was a decent record but damn it wasn't all that calm down"; was disappointed.
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April 7, 2015 on Frank Ocean’s New Album Will Be Out In July
Kanye's beats always slap so hard that I wish he still gave a shit about actually rapping. Can't wait to hear that remix.
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April 7, 2015 on Preview Kanye West’s “U Mad” And Kendrick Lamar’s “All Day” Remix
"It's not like this ad is going to do anything to dim its importance." lol you just mad because you miss hooks and bars.
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April 6, 2015 on Watch Kendrick Lamar’s New Reebok Commercial
"Nobody came away from that stream of unfunny jokes by rising comedians and cresting celebs with a greater respect for Justin Bieber." Whatever man. Buress was killing it.
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April 2, 2015 on The Week In Pop: Roast Aside, Justin Bieber Might Secretly Be On The Right Track
What's more disturbing than "A Song For Assata" is the fact that cop frats exist.
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April 1, 2015 on School Cancels Common’s Commencement Speech After Police Complain