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fugazi is such an honest and complex project that any ranking about their albums is interesting but cotinues irrelevant, and I think it happens with every real fan. There are no a best, or great album, it always will depend the prespective of the search. This is a very close and one of the best attemps i've read, is nice the way you didn't use any valoration. This phrase is one of the highlights "End Hits earns the distinction of being the first Fugazi album you can smoke pot to"
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August 27, 2012 on Fugazi Albums From Worst To Best
shakira... are u serious┬┐?
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March 16, 2012 on The 10 Best xx Covers
actually Guy Piccioto is also guitarrist and singer
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January 12, 2012 on Top 10 Bands With Members Who Don’t Play Anything