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Augh, if only those Mediafire links worked. Anyone? Help?
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November 5, 2012 on Radiohead On A Friday Demo Cassettes Going For $50K On eBay
Annoyingly, though, only some labels can make it work, no matter how hard they try. I worked at Touch And Go and now hardly anyone does. And Hydra Head, a label pretty similar to Southern Lord, just shut down, whereas Southern Lord remains. Sometimes it's kind of a crap shoot.
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October 3, 2012 on Debating The Grizzly Bear NY Mag Story And Making A Living Making Music
Fred was married to Sally Timms of the Mekons at the time, and you can hear her in the back of these videos.
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March 17, 2011 on Fred Armisen’s Guide To Music And SXSW 1998
I believe the man in the vest's name is actually NICKY VEST. Too good not to be true.
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February 3, 2011 on Top Chef: All-Stars S01E08: fUGHettaboutit.