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I'ts funny you should say that... check out this interview from 2005 "Bright nights Interpol in the small hours; Broken River Prophet at T.T.’s BY WILL SPITZ The rooster wasn’t crowing yet, but it was wind-down time — 4 a.m. — and somehow I’d wound up sitting in some house in Brighton with Interpol’s Paul Banks, who was helping my band mate work out the chords to John Lennon’s "Jealous Guy." The rest of Interpol — or at least bassist Carlos D. and guitarist Daniel Kessler — were holed up with most of the partiers in an upstairs bedroom with a stereo, and the house was a mess of passed-out revelers and empty PBR cans. But down in the living room, Ted Billings, my brother-in-arms, was fiddling on an Ibanez while Banks offered chord suggestions. Eventually they got it, and they celebrated — Ted, Paul, unidentified-girl-with-Paul — with a sing-along. Then Banks grabbed the Ibanez and started strumming an interesting progression I couldn’t quite place. What was it? "It’s called ‘Summertime Is Coming.’ " By who? He smiled: "By me." I’m not sure which was the more surprising: that Banks was strumming new Interpol songs at dawn in Brighton — instead of, say, assisting suicides or whatever antics they’re assumed to be up to in their off-hours — or that there’s a new Interpol song with the word "Summertime" in it. -------- On another note. OLTA and the S/T albums were amazing, period.
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June 26, 2012 on Paul Banks – “Summertime Is Coming”