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I planned a radio spotlight on Steve Albini back in 1996ish(?) I was working at a record store at the time, and I was so overwhelmed by how many SA-produced albums I came across that I decided to make it the keystone of an 'alternative' show on the local college station. To limit it to 20 is a tough task. But thanks for reminding me to go home tonight and listen to that Silkworm lp. HA!
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October 16, 2012 on The Top 20 Steve Albini-Recorded Albums
Please quit having children write for your blog. Princes' 'Purple Rain" came out n 1984. More than a threat in 1988, don't you think? I would pick Purple Rain over Thriller any day of the week... but then the first cassette I ever bought with my own money was in 1985, and that was the fucking Sex Pistols. Yes, MJ was trying to toughen up, yes Dirty Diana is one of the best songs on there thanks to Steve Stevens amazing riffage (if you don't know SS then you REALLY should not be writing here). And yes you could not find an ssue of Bop or Teen Beat without a picture of MJ (and fortunately also not without a much better pop sensation, Duran Duran). There was one king, Elvis.
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September 8, 2012 on Bad Turns 25
I have been a fan for a loooong time. Yes, Daydream Nation is a good record, but its almost cliche' to say it is your favorite. And there was a period (2000s) that I was lost on their work. Then I came back. Rather Ripped, Sonic Nurse, the Eternal and Murray St. were all amazing from end to end. This along with the reissue of "1991: TYTPB", the book, and all the CD reissues I am glad that i got back to those sonic roots. Great list!
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September 6, 2012 on Sonic Youth Albums From Worst To Best
I have a sealed copy of this. I would like to have it on my mp3 though. Anyone know of a link to download?
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June 29, 2012 on Stream The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr. (Stereogum Exclusive)