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Overhyped? It only leaked in the last few hours. Can you even use that word yet? If so then that's just impressive in itself! #Yeezus
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June 14, 2013 on Kanye West Yeezus Comment Party
The Fallon performance is great, actually prefer how it sounds there to the studio version. I hope Bradford Cox never loses his passion for making music. Been an extremely prolific last few years for him and the guys (the last Lotus Plaza album was great, too). Really lucky to be living in a time with bands like Deerhunter releasing such an unbelievable amount of terrific music.
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April 3, 2013 on Deerhunter – “Monomania” & Fallon Performance
For me, one of the top 5 songs they ever wrote was "What Ever Happened?". The opening two verses, brilliant way to start an album: I want to be forgotten, and I don't want to be reminded. You say "please don't make this harder." No, I won't, yet. I wanna be beside her. She wanna be admired. You say "please don't make this harder." No, I won't, yet. And that riff!
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March 29, 2013 on The 10 Best Strokes Songs
As far as I'm concerned, this is a great article. Okay, not everyone is going to agree 100% with someone else about what songs they find to be the the highlights/lowlights of any one album so I'm not even gonna get into that much (I'd say I'm like 70-80% in agreement with Michael, maybe). I'm a big fan of the Strokes, I'd sort of forgotten how much I was almost until I read this! Because I remembered myself having internal debates a few years ago about the likes of First Impressions of Earth and how good it was, and this: "(Trim that thing to 10 songs, re-record ‘em with Gordon Raphael instead of David Kahne, and suddenly it’s better than Room On Fire, IMO.)" was pretty much along the lines of what I myself used to think/wish upon a star would go ahead and magically happen somehow. If First Impressions was better edited and recorded, it would have been a cracking album instead of a bit of a mess with some really strong songs thrown into the mix. One thing I read a few years ago was that "If Room on Fire had came out after First Impressions it would have been hailed as a return to form". I'll never forget that, because there was a some amount of criticism thrown at Room on Fire and I couldn't believe that at the time, like this writer I felt that was a almost as much of a classic as Is This It was. Also, what's said about Converse here might sound ridiculous to some people, but (sadly, perhaps) not to me. My friend, who I immediately sent this article to (not a Strokes fan) is always teasing me because I wear Converse and she always attributes that to The Strokes! I always denied that, laughed it off, but now I'm kinda thinking, you know what, she's probably been right the whole fucking time. heh. Anyway I really enjoyed this article, I don't usually comment but I wanted to say that. Bravo, sir.
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March 20, 2013 on Premature Evaluation: The Strokes Comedown Machine
Will be better received than Angles, for sure. Satisfying stuff. I miss the shouty, heartbroken and mopey Julian Casablancas of the early days. But I will settle for The Strokes making consistent and enjoyable albums again.
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March 18, 2013 on The Strokes Comedown Machine Comment Party